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Street Tacos for Dogs?

Posted on 05.06.2022

Now you can celebrate Taco Tuesday on any day of the week with your pup! On Saturday, May 7, all Treats Unleashed locations will have a Street Taco Saturday event, where we will build a tasty, functional taco themed treat for your dog. But what exactly is in a pet safe taco?

Strong Foundation - We start with a crunchy treat bowl from our very own kitchens! Made from scratch, these honey recipe bowls also start as the base of our Pup Cup treats. The honey recipe is used in our Honey Bears, as well as all of our decorated treats.

Add a Protein - We'll be sampling the Fromm Four-Star Shredded Pork on Saturday, but any shredded protein makes a great choice! Fromm Four Star has shredded entrees available in beef, chicken, pork and turkey. As well as being meaty and delicious, Fromm's shredded can food adds moisture to your pet's diet and can be a tasty topper to their regularly scheduled kibble.

Sauce it Up - Salsa is not really an option for dogs, so we used the Primal Fresh Toppers Power Greens for a little verde flair! Primal Fresh Toppers offer more than just a pop of color, though. As a functional food, the Power Greens offer a boost to your pet's immune system with healthy ingredients like leafy greens, chia seeds, mushrooms, coconut oil and sardine oil. Don't want to go green? See the other options available from Primal Fresh Toppers.

Say Cheese - What taco is complete without cheese? We crumbled up some of the favorite Loving Udders goat cheese treats to add our final layer to these taco treats. Goat cheese is filled with probiotics, so it can help soothe your pet's upset tummy or help balance their digestive system. Loving Udders is made from raw goat's milk and air dried at low temperatures to preserve all of the naturally occuring benefits.

Stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to see how we build these tacos for yourself, and grab some ingredients to make some at home later!

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