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Gift Guide: Keepin' It Local!

Posted on 12.05.2023

Looking to stock up on holiday gifts for your four-legged family member, but want to keep your gifts locally sourced? Consider this list your personal guide! Treats Unleashed has a selection of local treats and toys to make the holidays merry and bright for felines and canines alike. These gifts are perfect for under the tree, stuffing in a stocking, or enjoying all December long!

  • Treat Planet Snicky Snack Poppers - Made from scratch with wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about treating your dog!
  • Treat Planet Kitty Kitty Hare and Surf Treats - 100% real meat, 100% freezedried, never cooked. No hormones or antibiotics.
  • Treat Planet Etta Says Sit! Treats - The perfect reward for for training, tricks, or just for being on Santa's nice list this holiday season! 
  • Keep Me Stitching Bandanas - From birthday-themed bandanas to more festive frocks, or even ones repping the Cards or Blues, Keep Me Stitching provides perfectly unique accessories for pups of all sizes. 
  • Dog Treat Naturals - Locally made, responsibly sourced, healthy ingredients make up these delicious treats. Check out flavors like "Chicken & Cranberry", "Beef & Pumpkin Superfood" and "Duck & Apple".
  • Treats Unleashed Jumbo Candy Cane - These crunchy, fresh baked treats are the perfect stocking stuffer for your cookie obsessed dog.
  • Treats Unleashed Decorated Cookies - Whether a five-pack or a seven-pack, these cookies are decorated to perfection and guaranteed to make your pup go wild.
  • Bella's Puppermints - Treat your pup to a minty fresh snack with Puppermints! These all-natural, breath mint treats are packed with fresh garden-grown mint.
  • Marcoot Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers: If your pup loves cheese, these are sure to be a winner! Coming from a local Jersey cow farm, these treats are delicious (and nutritious!)
  • Give Pet - Based out of Overland Park, KS, these fun and festive treats are as hilariously themed as they are tasty. For cats, check out their Santa Paws or Naughty or Mice treat options. For dogs, check out the Muttcracker and Gingerbone House treats. 
  • Tropiclean - STL-based grooming and pet care products to help your furry friend feel and smell great!
  • Tiki Cat Mousse Stix - Surprise your feline friend with a fun variety pack of their favorite proteins like chicken, duck and salmon!
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