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    Customize Your Cat and Dog birthday cakes

    When your four-legged friends are more like family, you want to celebrate with them like family. Make your pet feel extra special on their birthday with a customized cat and dog birthday cake + gotcha day and other big milestones with a custom cake from Treats Unleashed! 

    Our expert bakers make our custom dog cakes and cat cakes from scratch every day. We use all-natural, human grade ingredients to ensure each cake we bake is free from artificial additives, preservatives and other ingredients that could be harmful to your pet. We only use healthy, wholesome ingredients in our cat and dog cakes that are as tasty as they are healthy, giving your pet something to wag their tail or purr about.

    When you get a custom cake from our bakery, make sure you tell our bakers about your pet and your celebration so we can match your cake’s icing to your pet paw-ty theme!

    Custom Dog Birthday Cakes + A Lot More!

    When you want to celebrate your pup, celebrate them with a cake from Treats Unleashed! We understand the importance of providing your pup with the best possible treats, which is why we use only high-quality, human-grade ingredients in our cakes to meet our safety and quality standards.

    The bakers at Treats Unleashed want to ensure that every dog indulging in our cakes enjoys a wholesome, satisfying treat that will not compromise their health and well-being. When you celebrate your beloved pup’s special moments with a Treats Unleashed custom cake, you can do so with the confidence you’re giving them the very best—a delicious, safe and lovingly prepared dog-friendly cake!

    Custom Cakes for Cats

    Our cat friends deserve nothing but purrfection on their special day—celebrate them with a custom, feline friendly cake from Treats Unleashed! Each cake is thoughtfully made to cater to our feline friends' unique tastes and sensitivities. We prioritize your cat's safety and well-being, ensuring every ingredient, from the flour to the icing on top, is completely safe for them to eat.

    Using fresh, human-grade ingredients in all of our custom cat cakes gives you peace of mind, knowing you are giving your cat a cake made with the same safety and quality standards as the food you eat. Trust the Treats Unleashed team to bake your cat a cake for their special day that is equal parts tasty and wholesome.

    The Treats Unleashed Difference

    When it comes to custom cakes for your dog or cat, Treats Unleashed is the best in the biz! We take great pride in the thoroughness and dedication we pour into every cake we bake. Our skilled bakers prepare each cake with love and care, ensuring it’s just perfect for your furry companion.

    Freshness is our priority, and we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. Each custom cake is made to order, guaranteeing it’s freshly baked and tailored to meet your pet’s specific preferences and dietary needs.

    Treats Unleashed is also your one-stop shop for your pet’s birthday—in addition to our custom cakes, we also have a wide selection of gifts for them! Choose from plush toys, interactive toys, or a bone for them to chew on, we have something special for every four-legged friend.

    Make your pet’s birthday (or any day!) extra special with a birthday treat from Treats Unleashed!

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