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Handmade from Scratch - Treats Unleashed Bakery

Posted on 04.24.2024

The smell of fresh baked treats. That's the first thing you notice when walking in our doors (or on nice days, just walking by our shop!). One of the big things that makes Treats Unleashed stand out from other pet supply stores is that our team makes and bakes each and every batch of our own treats, in-house, every single day. It's also one of our favorite parts of our job, right behind visiting with the pets that come in our shops! But, other than being fresh baked, what makes Treats Unleashed treats different from the others? 

Made from Scratch - We use human-grade ingredients in all of our pet treats, but keep the ingredients pet safe. What does that mean? We do not use any butter, refined sugar, or added salt in our recipes. Instead, these are replaced by canola oil and honey (and we skip the salt entirely). Making our treats in-house from scratch means that we know exactly what goes into our treats, and we can pass that knowledge directly onto you. Each bag also lists out the ingridients, as well as nutrition factors like percentages of crude protein, so pet parens can easily make sure they're abiding by a pet's diet or special veterinary guidelines. We also use as many natural sources of flavors and ingredients as possible - our apple cinnamon treats are made with real applesauce and cinnamon right in the dough. Peanut Butter treats are made with real peanut butter.

We also do not use any preservatives in our treats, so that means they do have a shelf life: crunchy treats are good for 90 days at room temperature, soft bites are good for two weeks in the fridge, cakes are good for one week in the fridge.

Made with Love - It sounds corny, but our treats really are handmade with love for your pets! Other than our mixer, dough sheeter, and ovens, no other machines are used to produce our treats. Every treat is scooped or cut by hand and decorated with care by every Treats Unleashed baker or team member. Treats are made in small batches by each store to ensure attention to detail is maintained, and that we deliver the freshest flavors available to your pets. Our teams absolutely love to personalize a treat or get creative with a custom cake to mark a special date in your pet's life. We are so lucky to be a part of your celebrations and do not take it for granted. We really love what we do, and hope that love gets passed to your pet through our treats. So, bring home something from our bakery when you buy their bag of food or bring your pup with you on your next visit, and we'll give them a sample of one of our fresh baked goodies! It would be a real treat for us.

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