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How to Use Our Self-Serve Dog Wash

Posted on 04.10.2024

Each self-serve dog washing station is equipped with:

  • Towels
  • Blow dryer
  • Different kinds of brushes and combs
  • Kong Zoom Groom for the short haired shedders
  • Tropiclean dual-action ear cleaner and cotton balls
  • Tropiclean shampoos and conditioner (Hypoallergenic, Deep Cleansing, Medicated Itch Relief, and Moisturizing)

Each slot has a 45 minute time limit and is $16 per dog. We also offer a punch card where you get 5 washes for only $50, so you save some money and it's good up to a year after purchase! There is a step stool for easy access for your dog to get in and out of and you simply wash and dry your dog, then the team members will clean up and santize after your visit.

If you've never used our self-wash before, tell a team member and they'd love to show you a quick how-to (with some of their favorite tips and tricks to having the perfect bath).

You can walk-in, give the store of your choice a call to reserve a station, or even book online!


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