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Gift Guide: Festive Felines

Posted on 12.12.2023


Keep this season meow-y and bright these treats, toys and purr-fect gifts for cats of all ages and sizes! 

  • Kitty Belles - Their catnip toys come in all kinds of shapes and fun colors, including (of course) PLENTY of festive options for this winter! 
  • Pearhead “Naughty or Nice” Cat Toy Set - Because let’s face it, cats can be a little bit of both, and we love to spoil them no matter what. Each set includes one crinkle “naughty” fish toy and one rattle “nice” toy, each in festive Christmas colors with a catnip pouch.
  • Purebites Freeze-Dried Turkey Holiday Cat Treats - Made with 100% pure turkey, sourced and freeze dried RAW in the USA. Use as single treats, or as a fun topper for bigger meals!
  • Kong Cat Toys - The brand known for its durable rubber dog toys also has a fun and festive selection of feline cat toys for this season! Their Kong Holiday Crackles Christmas Tree is great for cats who love a crinkly sound and texture at playtime, and their Kong Holiday Kickaroo is super soft and the perfect size for bunny kicks (and much less painful than using your arm).
  • Ethical Pet Catnip Gnome Catnip Toys - Cute Gnomes with printed hats and white fluffy beards are fun already, but add in catnip and crinkle paper, and they might be your feline’s favorite this season.
  • Ethical Pet Holiday Springs - The bouncy springs come in colorful holiday patterns with green, white and red feathers. Jingle bells and red pom-poms will get kitty in the festive spirit! 
  • Shameless Pet ‘Nice’ Kitty Cane Cat Treats - Sweet cats deserve sweet treats! If you have a purrfect kitty who ate all their veggies & patiently waited for your attention this year, then fill their stockings up with this cranberry and chicken treat.
  • Shameless Pet ‘Naughty’ Tasty Tinsel Treats - Even when our cats are extra catty (jumping on countertops or crawling in that warm laundry basket) this white fish and pumpkin blend is perfect felines that prefer the more savory side of life.
  • Yeoww! Catnip Candy Cane - Over 8” tall and stuffed full of YEOWWW! catnip, this candy cane toy is quite the mouthful for kittens and adult cats alike! 
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