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Healthy Skin and Fur All Winter Long

Posted on 01.17.2024


Dry skin is a common side effect of cold temperatures and dry air that humans deal with, but do you know pets are also susceptible to dry, flaking skin as a result of winter weather?

When it comes to battling the effects of sub-zero temps and harsh winds during those mandatory trips outside or vet visits, one of the best ways to keep your pet’s skin and hair in check is through regular grooming and hair/fur maintenance. Here are some tried-and-true tips from Treats Unleashed's grooming staff about how you can keep your pet’s coat clean and skin healthy, even on the coldest days of the winter season: 

  • Use dog-safe shampoos and conditioners shampoo. Human shampoo and its ingredients can be too harsh for a pet’s skin and coat, resulting in an increased potential for skin irritation, or even eye irritation for products used around the facial area. Treats Unleashed stocks a variety of cleansing shampoos that are made with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. After shampooing, follow up with a conditioner to seal the moisture in!

  • Don’t forget to brush! Brushing a dog’s coat not only helps prevent tangles and matted hair down the line, but it also smooths your pet’s natural oils across their coat for a shiny pelt, while simultaneously lifting away dirt and dander. Plus, it's a great way to bond with your pet and spend some additional, quality time with them.

  • Ask the pros for help! Bathing any pet can be a time commitment, especially during a work week, busy weekend, or any holiday season. The professional groomers at Treats Unleashed are not only equipped to bathe your pet, but also offer full service grooming including nail files, ear cleaning, and more. Learn more about the stress-free process by visiting

  • Check out supplements. Just like with humans, there are supplements for your pets that can help provide the essential nutrients needed to keep their skin moisturized and their coats glossy for ages to come. Ultra Oil for Pets, sold at TU, is a popular staff recommendation for pets struggling with flaky skin, itching and shedding. Ultra Oil contains crucial fat soluble vitamins and minerals like all-natural sardine, anchovy, and hempseed oil. 

For those who’d prefer a more one-on-one washing experience, Treats Unleashed does offer Self-Serve Dog Wash stations with large, elevated tubs that are fully stocked with pet-safe bath products and dryers. The best part? We clean up the mess, so you and your pet can get all the benefits of a bath, but with less hassle.

Book your next Self-Wash session for only $8 (a $16 value) now through Jan. 21. View location availability and schedule your next Self Wash today on, or by calling your TU location to book.

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