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    Supplements For Dogs of Every Size and Breed

    When we feel like we aren’t getting the right nutrition, or maybe that we just need a little boost, we supplement our diets with vitamins, protein powders and other supplements. Sometimes, no matter how good their current diet is, our pups need a little extra nutrition, too. Dog supplements offer a wide range of benefits for our furry friends, from joint health to dental health and more.

    While the best source of vitamins and minerals for your dog is a well-balanced diet, some dogs may need different levels of these nutrients at different stages in their life. For example, as a puppy, your dog needs more nutrient and calorie dense food to aid in healthy growth and development. As they grow older, it’s important to change their diets as their individual needs change.

    Every Type of Supplement 

    Each dog is unique and, with that, comes with a unique set of needs. Treats Unleashed offers a wide range of supplements that even your pickiest eaters will enjoy, including

    Liquid: Liquid supplements can be easily added to your dog’s regular food or even their water! This makes it easy for a picky eater (or a pup that doesn’t like to take medicine) to get the nutrients they need, without any added anxiety. Liquid supplements we carry include joint supplements, herbal remedies and more.

    Soft chews: When you give your pup a soft chew supplement, they think they’re just getting a normal treat! Soft chews are great for any dog, especially puppies and older dogs who may have difficulty chewing. Soft chews we carry include taurine, pre and probiotics, calming supplements and more.

    Powders: Powder supplements are easy to add to your dog’s diet as a food topper. Powdered power greens use functional ingredients that target your dog’s digestion, immunity and joint health.

    Bone broth: Bone broth is rich in pre and probiotics that aid in your dog’s gut and immune health, as well as support their joints and hydration. This is a great addition to their regular food, or a great treat option for them! We offer multiple varieties of bone broth including venison, chicken and beef to support our furry friends with food sensitivities. 

    Food toppers: Food toppers are an easy way to add nutritional value to your pup’s food. Food toppers are typically high-protein, low-calorie additions to your dog’s food that encourage them to eat better.

    Joint Supplements for Dogs

    Many dogs suffer from joint health and mobility issues. Whether this is caused by age, breed or other factors, supplementing your dog’s diet with the right products can bring relief, reduce inflammation and pain and even rebuild cartilage and tendons. 

    Even if your dog doesn’t currently have joint or mobility issues, implementing joint-supporting ingredients like glucosamine, collagen and others into their diet is a great way to prevent these issues in the future (or at least stave them off for a while longer). Supporting your dog’s joint health and mobility before they have issues is a great way to ensure their health and comfort in the long run.

    Once your dog is older and begins experiencing these issues, it is extremely important to give them a joint supplement to prevent any further damage to their joints, as well as provide relief for their current pain or stiffness. A regular joint dog supplement may not reverse all of their joint problems, but it will make them more comfortable and happy.

    Supplements for a Healthy Skin and Coat 

    Did you know your dog’s skin is actually a vital part of their immune system and also an indicator of their overall health? When your dog’s coat is healthy and shine, it forms a protective barrier against harmful elements from their surrounding environment. When their skin is unhealthy, your dog may feel pain, itchiness and it can even lead to infections.

    Even if your dog currently has a nice, shiny coat, supplementing their diet with nutrients to aid their skin health is great preventative care! Maintaining and proactively protecting that shiny coat (and by association, their overall health) is a lot easier for both your dog and you than retroactively fixing a problem. 


    Get Supplements Delivered Right to Your Door With Autoship

    Our team understands how busy you are, and that sometimes it may be difficult to visit us in-store. That’s exactly why we offer Autoship for all of your dog’s supplements! An Autoship subscription is available on food, treats, supplements and other supplies you may need to have delivered regularly. 

    With your Autoship subscription, not only do you get your pet’s supplies delivered at regular intervals of your choosing, but you also get a 5% discount on every order! Visit our Autoship page to learn more.

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