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    Exciting, Fun Dog Toys! 

    Dogs are active, social animals that need mental and physical stimulation in order to thrive and be happy. While activities like walking your dog and taking them to the park are good for their physical health and socialization, they still need something to do in between.

    As much as we love our pups, some of their normal behaviors, such as scratching and chewing, can be destructive to our furniture and other pieces of our homes. Encouraging play through interactive toys like a rope for tug-of-war or a feeder toy will keep them occupied and, more importantly, happy! 

    Dog toys are more than just something to reward our pups with—dogs need toys to provide mental stimulation, add to regular exercise and act as an important training tool. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of toys you can find for your furry friend at Treats Unleashed.

    Interactive Dog Toys

    Interactive dog toys provide your pup with a wide range of benefits, including mental stimulation, self-entertainment, weight management, stress and anxiety relief, and more. While you should never replace exercise and quality time with your furry friend with an interactive toy, they are a great way to occupy their attention for short periods in between walks and other scheduled playtime.

    Interactive toys are games and puzzles that stimulate your dog mentally and physically, and encourage their natural problem-solving instincts. An interactive toy supports solo play and offers comfort to your pup, which can be especially useful when you have other things to get done. If your anxious or rambunctious dog takes out their energy on your furniture, giving them something constructive to do while you’re busy will redirect their energy and give them something fun to do!

    For safety purposes, never leave your pet completely unattended with a toy or chew.

    Dog Chew Toys

    Toys that promote chewing are beneficial for most dogs, no matter their size or age. Chewing is a very normal behavior for our canine companions, but it’s our job to direct their chewing to be as non-destructive as possible. A dog may chew when they’re excited, anxious or just have a lot of pent-up energy! Ensuring you have the proper tools on hand to prevent destructive chewing on your furniture or other household items benefits both you and your dog. 

    Firm rubber toys are a durable option for heavy chewers; rope toys encourage play between you and your dog and strengthen your bond; and stuffed toys are typically good for a light chewer who also likes to carry a comfort toy around with them. Whatever your dog's chewing habits, the Treats Unleashed team can help you figure out the best dog chew toy for them.

    Food Puzzles for Dogs 

    Food puzzles are a great way to provide enrichment for your dog. Dogs are social, active animals that need a lot of stimulation throughout the day. You might not believe it, but our dogs actually like to work for food and other rewards. A puzzle toy uses, and can even improve, your dog’s natural hunting instincts. 

    A puzzle toy is also a great way for an older dog to be challenged without having to exert a lot of physical effort. They still get to play a “game” without overworking themselves. Even better, the mental stimulation that a puzzle toy encourages can delay, or even prevent, dementia in your dog, giving them, and you, a happier life together.

    An additional benefit to a puzzle toy is weight management. A puzzle toy slows down even the fastest eaters and makes them more aware of their hunger cues. This means they eat slower, get full quicker and can more easily control their food urges. 

    Browse Online and Pick Up Dog Toys in Store 

    If you’re unable to shop with us in-store, consider our convenient pickup and delivery options. Find your pup’s ideal toy (or toys) online, and either select the “In-Store Pickup” option, or schedule a same-day delivery if you’re unable to make it to our store! Pickup and curbside orders are ready within 4 hours of your order, and delivery orders placed before 12 pm will be delivered same-day. 

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