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    Healthy Dog Foods

    At Treats Unleashed, we are committed to the well-being of all of our furry companions, and we put a strong emphasis on transparency, safety and nutritional quality. All of this starts with our team carefully selecting the dog foods we stock in our store. 

    We take the time to review ingredient lists for each of our foods, prioritizing natural, wholesome ingredients over artificial additives and fillers. High-quality ingredients guarantee that the food at Treats Unleashed will align with your pet’s dietary needs and contribute to their overall health. 

    In addition to knowing what is in your dog’s food, we also take the time to learn where it comes from and how the ingredients are sourced. When we stock a food, we know where it was processed and are able to ensure it meets our strict quality and safety regulations.

    Our team carefully vets each food we bring into our stores so you don’t have to. Being selective with the brands we choose to sell takes away any kind of anxiety you may have when it comes to purchasing food for your dog. You can shop with the confidence of knowing that whatever food you choose to buy your pup from Treats Unleashed meets our rigorous standards and commitment to your pet’s well-being.

    Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

    Food intolerances and sensitivities tend to evolve over time, making it important that you continually monitor your dog’s eating habits and behaviors around their food. If you notice changes in their weight, or if they experience vomiting or diarrhea, it may be time to consider changing their food.

    We recognize that some dogs are more prone to food sensitivities based on breed, age and other health issues. We stock a diverse range of dog food for sensitive stomachs, made with ingredients that encourage gentle digestion. Whether it’s limited ingredient diets, grain-free choices or alternate protein sources, Treats Unleashed is sure to have a solution for your furry friend’s individual dietary needs.

    Even when we’re feeding our pets the best food option possible, they still may need a supplement to aid their digestive health. We carry pre and probiotic infused foods, treats and supplements designed exclusively for dogs. Introducing pre and probiotics nurtures your dog’s digestive system, supports their gut environment, and aids in overall nutrient absorption. 

    Allergen Free Dog Food

    While any food can cause a food allergy, the most common food allergens with dogs are proteins, mainly those that come from beef, dairy, chicken, chicken eggs, soy or wheat gluten. 

    With or without a food allergy, it can be difficult to find a nutrient-rich food your dog will enjoy—we stock a wide range of wholesome foods that are made without any major allergens, ensuring you and your pup will find an option they love that is also good for them.

    Understanding the challenges that your dog’s food intolerances can cause, we offer a range of good, carefully chosen dog food for allergies that exclude the most common allergens. By prioritizing novel protein sources, such as fish, rabbit and pork, grain free ingredients like sweet potatoes and lentils and wholesome alternatives, Treats Unleashed provides a solution for pet owners seeking allergen-free choices. Choosing foods made with alternate ingredients alleviates your pet’s discomfort and promotes their overall health and well-being.

    We Help You Find the Perfect Food For Your Dog

    If it seems like your fur baby needs new food but you’re not sure about what changes to make, there’s no need to worry! All of our team members at Treats Unleashed are trained in pet nutrition, and we are happy to work with you to help you make your decision. 

    We take the time to discuss your pup’s current food and their issues associated with it; from there, we can make suggestions based on our knowledge and find the perfect food for your dog! If you’re unable to make it to your local store, you can also visit our food consult page and fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch!

    Autoship Your Dog’s Food Right to Your Door

    Make sure your pup never has to go without their favorite food and treats by signing up for our Autoship option. This option is great for on-the-go pet parents, as it allows you to effortlessly create a delivery schedule for all of your dog’s essentials. An added bonus? You get a 5% discount on all products you have auto shipped. With Autoship, you can say goodbye to last-minute store runs, and hello to unmatched convenience. From food to treats and anything in between, everything will arrive at your doorstep on time. Simplify your dog care routine and explore Autoship from Treats Unleashed. 


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