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What's NEW for Dogs?

Posted on 04.26.2022

The weather is warming up and it's finally nice to be outside again. If you're spending time outdoors with your best friend, you might need to refresh the toys and treat options from last year. Seeking something new and exciting for your pooch? Here are some brand new treats and toys from some of our favorite brands, as well as a totally new toy line.

Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys - When it comes to plush toys at Treats Unleashed, none may be more popular than Fluff & Tuff and for good reason. These plush toys are lined with a tear resistant mesh and all seams are sewn inside, making them about as tough as they come. In fact, you can actually machine wash and dry your dog's Fluff & Tuff toys! So don't be afraid to let your pup take them outside or think you need to toss them when they have been well loved. A quick trip through the laundry does wonders! (We like to wash them with our dog's bedding.) Check out the new Danny Dolphin medium sized toy or the large Bambi Bone for big playtime fun.

Snicky Snacks Poppers - These were a HUGE hit at our annual Ladue Easter Egg Hunt this year! Our friends at Treat Planet were kind enough to donate the Pumpkin Poppers to fill all of the plastic eggs for our hunt. Now you can hunt down the other two flavors for your pet at Treats Unleashed - Bacon & Cheese or Peanut Butter. (Pumpkin is also available!) Snicky Snacks Popper treats are small soft bites that are great for training, and made with wholesome ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your pup.

Project Hive Dog Toys & Treats - See what the BUZZ is all about! Project Hive is brand new to Treats Unleashed shops and a portion of all sales of their toys and treats goes to their mission to save the bees. They are also made in the USA and a climate neutral organization to further help our environment. Project Hive toys are also fun and unique for dogs! Their Hive Dog Disc makes a great flyer, but also doubles as a lick mat. All of their toys bounce and float, and are #7 recyclable. Project Hive treats are also uniquely shaped to fit inside of their toys or just to offer a different shape for your pet to munch on - all made with non-GMO ingredients.

Stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to see all of the new toys and treats being added for the Spring and Summer seasons!

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