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Ice Cream Options for Dogs?

Posted on 06.08.2022

Regular ice cream is not a safe treat option for your dog. The canine digestive tract cannot process cow's milk very well, since most dogs' bodies stop producing lactase after they are weaned as puppies. This makes dogs fairly lactose intolerant. Not to mention that ice cream is also rich in sugar, which can lead to obesity problems in addition to digestive issues. Sugar free ice cream could be a deadly option, as many brands use xylitol - harmless to humans, but toxic for dogs. Fortunately, there are some safe options for your pup to enjoy a cold, creamy treat!

Frozen Yogurt Pup Cups - Made in house at every Treats Unleashed shop, pup cups are a Summertime favorite! We mix pet safe low fat yogurt with a touch of honey for sweetness, and freeze that mixture inside an edible treat bowl made from our honey recipe. Varieties can vary by shop, but some customer favorites include vanilla, peanut butter, and blueberry - made with real blueberries too!

Wag More, Bark Less Iced Treat - Totally dairy free and made with human grade ingredients, Wag More, Bark Less Iced Treat uses coconut cream as a base for their tasty scoops. Available in pints of Banana or Peanut Butter recipes, and made with real bananas or real peanut butter. These are also loaded with probiotics (just like yogurt) to help establish a healthy digestive tract - flavorful and functional!

Mixed Mutt Creamery - Available exclusively in our Kansas City shops! Local favorite Mixed Mutt Creamery teamed up with Treats Unleashed to offer their artisanal ice creams for dogs at all three KC locations. Choose between their signature Nana Butter Dream, Barking Maple Bacon, or Organic Blueberry Yum Yum varieties, made from lactose free milk.

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