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Grab 'Em Before It's Too Late!

Posted on 07.28.2022

This month we have great sales on some of your favorite products. However, these sales are only available until the end of the month! Shop in-store or online to take advantage of our July specials.

Fromm Gold - Fromm Gold is the perfect fundamental food line for you and your pup. Coming in a variety of different age and size specific formulas, this food is great for any dog no matter how young, old, big, or small! Fromm Gold food is enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion and salmon oil for a healthy coat. All sizes of Fromm's Gold line is on sale. Grab a small bag for $2 off, a medium bag for $3 off, or a large bag for $5 off.

Weruva Pouches - Grab 5 weruva pouches for $5! Weruva cat pouches come in a variety of formulas (pates, stew, and gravy). They also come in a variety of different proteins, anywhere from white chicken breast to salmon to red meat tuna. These pouches are perfect for your picky carnivore! 

Primal Freeze-Dried - Get any 14 oz freeze-dried primal food for $3 off! This product is shelf-stable and ready to serve in minutes! Freeze-dried nuggets can be used as either a fully balanced meal or an addition to any kibble. This is a perfect alternative for raw food on-the-go. Whether you have a cat or a dog, freeze-dried raw food is a great addition to any diet.

Skinny Mini Fruitables Have you been looking for a new training treat for your pup? Look no further than Fruitables' Skinny Mini treats. Coming in an assortment of different flavors, these are the perfect treat for small dogs or for training. With only 3 calories per treat, give your dog a yummy snack (or two) without worrying about their weight. Grab any Fruitables Skinny Mini's at 20% off until the end of the month.

Wildly Natural Cat TreatsComing in two different flavors - chicken and salmon - these cat treats are sure to drive your cat wild. Made with high quality globally sourced ingredients, these treats are made with a limited ingredient recipe, making sure our feline friends are only getting the best of the best - and nothing less! Stop into your local Treats Unleashed to pick these yummy treats up at 15% off. 

Whether you have a cat or dog, these sales are sure to drive your pet wild! 

Learn more about Primal's freeze-dried nuggets on their website:

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