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What Earth Friendly Products Do You Have for Pets?

Posted on 04.21.2022

How do you celebrate Earth Day with your pet? Looking for more than an adorable and tasty treat for your pet? Here are a few brands we'd like to highlight for their sustainability and eco-friendly products, so you can celebrate our wonderful planet every day of the year!

EarthRated Poop Bags - Do your duty by picking up their waste! The EPA classifies animal waste as a pollutant, so we can all make the planet a little greener just by making sure there's less brown around. You can also feel good about your purchases from EarthRated, as they give back to animal rescues and environmental initiatives.

PetDreamHouse - Only An Ocean is the parent company of PetDreamHouse, who make our fun and versatile new slow feeders. As their name suggests, they are focused on reducing the amount of plastics found in our ocean waters by using sustainable plastics. 50% of all plastic used in the SPIN inserts and accessories are recycled PCR-ABS plastic, and all of their plastic used in these bowls are 100% recyclable.

West Paw - Wonder what happens to that guaranteed toy once you return it? Many pet parents know that West Paw offers a one time replacement guarantee, but are not aware of their toy recycling efforts. Zogoflex toys are made to last, but once it's reached it's full potential as a toy, you can actually send it in to West Paw. They will sanitize, grind it up, and put it back into their machine to make a whole new toy! The more toys they receive back, the closer they get to their goal of being a zero waste product. Join the Loop and recycle your old West Paw toys here.

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