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Purr-fect Presents for Cats this Season

Posted on 12.15.2021

Cats are notoriously picky and hard to shop for, even when it comes to the essentials like food and litter. So how do you go about gift shopping for your favorite feline? Start with the simple questions and go from there! Here's a quick questionaire we came up with, along with some gift suggestions. A little research can go a long way.

What are your cat's favorite flavors? Most cats have a protein or two that they prefer, along with some you know they won't touch. If you are looking for a treat or special dinner, go with what you know. If you aren't sure or perhaps buying for someone else's cat, try a variety pack of treats like the Tiki Cat Stix. They're likely to find a taste they like, and their person will appreciate the gesture. Another fun gift is the Smart Cat Kitty Garden, where you can grow your own cat grass - an all natural, tasty treat!

Do they have a current go-to toy? Cats can be on and off with toys, but, generally speaking, cats enjoy a catnip toy or a teaser wand. Some of our catnip favorites include Yeowww! and From the Field. Both are made with high quality, organic catnip that your feline is sure to love. Try the BAE Body Pillow for cats who like to bite and kick toys. Da Bird and Da Purr-Peller from Go Cat are always big hits when it comes to teaser wands! Want a holiday specific cat toy? Check out our seasonal selections here.

Where does your cat like to hang out during the day? Our cats love to nap and relax during the day, and we are willing to bet yours do too! Some cats prefer to stay up on a high perch, while others stay low to the ground. If they have the high ground, consider making a special spot just for them with either a Vesper cat tree or maybe a cat climber from Smart Cat (available at select shops). If they like to stay close to the ground, these all natural cat caves from Walking Palm will keep them toasty and warm.

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