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What is Air-Dried Pet Food?

Posted on 02.22.2022

Treats Unleashed now offers Wisdom from Earth Animal, an air-dried dog food available in chicken or turkey. New air-dried foods are gaining popularity within the pet community, but what makes them different from other foods? Air-dried diets are a new option for dogs that retain more vital minerals and nutrients in their food, while still feeding whole foods. You can actually see all of the real ingredients in each bag!

How are the diets prepared?

Wisdom's 3 components are individually crafted in small batches using gentle air-drying to maintain vital nutrients and natural flavors. Each of the 3 components are crafted separately at optimal temperatures. Earth Animal tumbles the meat, Vitality Cubes, and fruits and vegetables together to create an intensely flavorful, visibly vibrant, and nutritionally complete ready-to-eat food. This unique approach allows you to see each healthy ingredient and know exactly what you are feeding your dog. Each recipe features GAP-rated American cage-free poultry, Vitality Cubes (delivering essential nutrients from whole-sprouted foods), probiotics, sustainably sourced fish oil, mix of air-dried fruits and vegetables, and upcycled ingredients - foods that would not have been used for human consumption procured from verifyable supply chains and having a positive environmental impact.

Why feed an air-dried food like Wisdom?

Air-dried foods have a very high palatability rate, as it features different flavors and textures compared to a standard dry food, like kibble. Wisdom is also extremely nutrient and calorie dense, meaning you feed much less than dry foods. One cup of Wisdom Turkey is approximately 611 calories, compared to Zignature Turkey dry food being 382. This becomes a great option for picky and senior dogs, who won't need to eat much to meet their daily calorie needs. Wisdom is also very easy to digest because of the gentler cooking process. Plus, feeding less means producing less waste!

What else should I know about Wisdom?

  • Each bag has an 18 month shelf life when unopened. Best used within 8 weeks, once opened.
  • Best stored in it's resealable bag, away from high moisture or high temperature areas. Do not store in a plastic container.
  • Every bag is pathogen tested by a third party accredited lab before being sent to stores.
  • Many but not all ingredients are certified organic. All ingredients are non-GMO, though.
  • Wisdom is a complete and balanced food appropriate for all life stages, from puppy to senior.

Try Earth Animal's Wisdom with your dog today, or talk to a Treats Unleashed team member to learn more and see if Wisdom is the best fit for your dog.

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