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    Holiday Toys and Treats For Dogs

    Celebrate every season, holiday and milestone with your furry friend! At Treats Unleashed, we understand the importance of sharing every special moment with your pets that you can—and yes, that includes Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July and even Back to School! Let Treats Unleashed help you find the perfect treats and toys to get your pets involved in your regular celebrations.

    As the seasons change, so does our inventory. Holiday dog toys and cat toys, themed treats and other goodies are always on rotation, so be sure to snag them while they’re available!

    Celebrate the Seasons With Your Furry Friends

    Our rotating selection of treats, toys and apparel for your pets makes including your furry friend in your celebrations a piece of cake! Including your pets in your holiday celebrations makes them happy and makes you happy. It’s a way to bond and show them we care. Gift-giving contributes to our overall happiness, and when we give a gift to someone who cannot reciprocate (like our dogs or cats), it actually increases that level of happiness!

    Some of the gifts we like to give our pets have benefits outside of them just being cute or fun! For example, we like putting bandanas on our pets because they’re cute, we can match them, and it makes them easy to find if they get lost in a crowd. Our pets like bandanas because they protect them from the sun, keep them cool and can even have a calming effect: the light pressure applied by a pet bandana can create a calming effect for your pet and reduce their anxiety levels.

    Functional Seasonal Dog Toys

    When we buy treats and presents for our pets, we want them to be special and fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be good for them! When we give our cats and dogs holiday toys and treats, they should offer multiple benefits. 

    Gifting our pets things they enjoy that also serve a purpose keeps them happy and healthy. Think outside the box a bit when searching for the perfect pet present! How about a puzzle toy Advent calendar for Christmas? Or a pumpkin-shaped snuffle feeder that encourages their hunting instincts and slows down a fast eater? Stimulating and keeping their mind agile is one of the best things you can do for your pet, and it helps give them a longer, happier life! At Treats Unleashed, we proudly carry holiday dog toys and cat toys that are fun and functional for your furry friends!

    Get Special Treats for Holidays

    Whether it’s pumpkin spice latte season or you’re baking up a batch of gingerbread men, of course you want to include your pet in the festivities. Rather than reaching for a pup cup at your local coffee shop (that may be filled with not-so-good-for-them ingredients), consider a homemade, healthy seasonal treat from Treats Unleashed. 

    Treats Unleashed proudly crafts our treats with all-natural, whole ingredients chosen for their specific health benefits. Include your dog or cat in your Halloween party with homemade ghost treats, at your Friendsgiving with pumpkin cookies, or at your 4th of July cookout with a frozen bomb pop. 

    Get Holiday Dog Toys Delivered Right to Your Door

    Can’t make it into your local store to shop for your pet’s holiday favorites? Not a problem! The Treats Unleashed team offers convenient curbside pickup and delivery options to make your life a little easier. After receiving your pickup order, we will gather everything and have it ready at your store within 4 hours for your convenience. Or, if you’d prefer not to come to the store, we also offer same-day and next-day home delivery seven days a week. Learn more about our pickup and delivery options.

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