Holiday Treats

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    Holiday Treats

    It’s easy to celebrate the holiday season with your pets at Treats Unleashed! When your pet is more like your family, you want to spend every special moment with them, and that includes all of your favorite holidays (howlidays?)! Whether it’s 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, we’ve got the perfect freshly baked treats for your beloved pet!

    Our inventory changes with the season! Once the holidays hit, our tables of freshly baked treats get a special holiday twist—whether it’s frosted beach ball cookies for summertime, pumpkin and turkey themed treats for Thanksgiving or Santas and trees for Christmas, we do our best to make your pets feel special during the holiday season!

    Healthy Holiday Treats For Dogs 

    Treats Unleashed proudly crafts and sources treats made with all-natural, whole ingredients chosen for the specific health benefits they offer your pup. We prioritize treats and foods made with limited, human grade ingredients, which benefits all of our furry friends. Treats and foods made with a long list of ingredients tend to also include preservatives, artificial additives and fillers that can be bad for your pet’s health—Treats Unleashed proudly crafts and sources food and treats without these ingredients.

    Using limited, low-allergen ingredients also makes our treats accessible to as many pets as possible, especially those with allergies and other food sensitivities. We understand that your dog’s size, age breed and any health issues can affect what they’re able to eat, which is why we offer a wide range of treats to suit any need. From grain-free treats and food to options made with alternate protein and grain sources, we try to stock options for even the most sensitive systems.

    Create a Holiday Feast for Your Furry Friends 

    Our bakers love to create new, fresh treats for your pets that make them feel like they’re part of the celebration! We all want to share our Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes with our pups, but what if they had their own special Thanksgiving treat instead? Check out our new Turkey Dinner Softbites that mimic all of your favorite holiday flavors, but have the added health benefits of Primal Turkey Bone Broth. For a cute fall treat, try our Dipped Pumpkin Softbites made with pumpkin, oats and yogurt—all great ingredients to give your dog for their health! Or, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, give our Christmas stocking biscuit treats a try! Our bakers are excited to make holiday treats that are equal parts tasty and healthy for your beloved pets. 

    Celebrate the Holidays with Treats Unleashed 

    Our team loves finding fun ways to celebrate the holidays and changing seasons with all of our customers and your furry friends! From ice cream socials in the Summer to pumpkin pie eating contests in the fall, we do our best to create a space where you and your pets can have fun! 

    Even better, when you attend these special events, you get access to exclusive deals on your pets favorite foods and treats, and may even be able to get limited-edition, event-specific treats for your furry friend—you don’t want to miss out on this! Be sure to check your local store’s social media pages and sign up for our emails to learn about the latest news and events!


    No Time to Stop By? No Worries, Treats Unleashed Delivers! 

    Stretched thin this holiday season? You’re in luck! Treats Unleashed offers same-day pickup and delivery for our holiday treats in addition to regular food and treat deliveries. After receiving your pickup order, we gather everything and have it ready at your local store within 4 hours for your convenience. Or, if you can't make it to your store, we also offer same-day and next-day home delivery, seven days a week.

    And, a bonus for you: if you sign up for recurring deliveries, you get 5% off of each delivery! Learn more about our pickup and delivery options, and get started today.

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