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    Healthy Dog Treats For Your Pup!

    Just like humans, our pups have dietary requirements they need to meet in order to stay healthy. Feeding your dog high-quality treats offers them both physical and emotional health benefits. 

    Treats made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients can provide your dog with health benefits outside of their regular food, including but not limited to a healthier coat, better skin, joint health, and improved digestion. 

    In addition to benefiting their physical health, feeding treats can aid in training and, more importantly, actually improve your bond with your dog. When you reinforce their good behavior and hand-feed them treats regularly, they become more relaxed and feel safe and comforted with you. 

    Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

    Freeze-dried dog treats are a great, more affordable way to incorporate raw foods into your dog’s diet. Raw foods contain different enzymes than processed foods that are easier for your dog to digest, making them a healthy option for pups with sensitive stomachs. 

    Freeze-drying food preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, resulting in treats that are rich in vitamins, minerals and flavor. This process removes moisture without compromising taste or health benefits. Our assortment of freeze-dried treats include flavors your dog is probably used to, like chicken and beef, and flavors that are a little more out-there (and may be better for a sensitive stomach) like duck, lamb and pumpkin. Freeze-dried treats are a tasty way to incorporate high-quality nutrients into your dog’s diet.

    Soft Chew Dog Treats

    Our wide range of soft chew dog treats offer plenty of benefits for your pup. Soft treats are easily chewable, making them an excellent choice for puppies, senior dogs or dogs with dental concerns. They are also an easy option for training, as they can be broken up without crumbling.

    Soft treats also tend to be made with higher-quality, limited ingredients. Feeding your dog a more nutrient dense treat option gives them a little boost of nutrition and energy during the day. In addition to our packaged treat options, our bakers also craft homemade soft chew treats in our dog bakery. All of our homemade treats are made with limited, all-natural ingredients specifically chosen with your dog’s health in mind.

    Crunchy Dog Treats

    Ultimately, the treats your dog eats will come down to preference, but there are plenty of benefits to including crunchy treats in their diet. Improved dental health is one of the most significant benefits dogs get from us feeding them crunchy dog treats. 

    When they eat soft food and treats, excess bits can get stuck in their teeth and lead to plaque buildup; when you also include crunchy treats in their diet, the abrasive texture helps to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth. Though a dental supplement is most effective, the inclusion of crunchy treats can help reduce the risk of gum disease and plaque buildup, while also stimulating and strengthening the gums. 

    Crunchy treats also tend to be lower calorie than their soft counterparts, making them one of the best dog treats for training, as you can give them more treats without a risk of weight gain. 

    Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

    Treats Unleashed prides itself on using only human-grade ingredients in our homemade treats and only sourcing our pre-packaged treats from reputable brands that emphasize the same level of quality we do. This allows us to ensure that every treat we sell meets the same standards as human food. 

    In addition to focusing on all-natural, whole foods, we also understand the importance of crafting and sourcing treats made with limited ingredients to cater to a wide range of food sensitivities your furry friends may have. Our team is dedicated to providing your pets with safe and nutritious food options, and we’re happy to help you pick out your pup’s new favorite treats!

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