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    Must-Have Supplies for Every Dog Parent

    Treats Unleashed is your one-stop shop for all things dog supplies. Whether you’re about to become a new pup parent, or you’re a seasoned veteran picking up the basics, we’ve got it all! From premium dog food and treats to durable toys, grooming essentials and cozy beds, our extensive selection ensures that every canine companion is well cared for. 

    Our commitment to quality and wide range of products allows dog owners to find everything they need to keep their fur babies happy and healthy.

    Set Your Dog Up for Success with Dog Training Supplies

    Whether you have a puppy who needs to learn basic commands, or want to teach your older dog some new tricks, training them properly is important for both of you. 

    No matter what you’re teaching your dog, the best way to train them is through positive reinforcement. Rewarding their good behavior with treats, praise or toys is an easy, effective way to show them they’re doing a good job and is also a great way to bond with your dog. Find training treats and other dog training supplies that are equal parts nutritious and tasty at Treats Unleashed. 

    Another important piece of training your dog is crate training. Crate training does more for you and your dog than just get them accustomed to being in their crate—it also gives them a space in your home that is theirs, where they feel happy and safe. Because of this, crate training often encourages potty training. We carry high quality crates and crate mats to make this an easy and comfortable process for you and your pup. 

    Dog Grooming Supplies for an Easy At-Home Spa Day

    In addition to making sure your dog gets the proper nutrition, you also need to maintain a grooming schedule. Brushing their coat out every once in a while is good bonding for the two of you, aids in shedding, and also works as a nice massage for your pup to stimulate blood flow.

    At Treats Unleashed, we carry dog grooming supplies like brushes and combs to suit different types of coats and hair length, as well as a wide range of shampoos to suit any dog’s needs. All of the shampoos, conditioners, itch creams and grooming wipes we carry in-store are made with mild, natural cleansing ingredients that are safe for your pets. We also carry hypoallergenic options for our furry friends with sensitive skin.

    If your dog makes bath time difficult at home, we offer two different options in-store: full Grooming Services, or our Self-Serve Dog Wash. All grooming appointments come with a bath with natural shampoo and conditioner, drying and brush out, hair cut, nail trimming and ear cleaning, all done by our expert team! Or, if you’d prefer to groom your pup (but don’t want to deal with the mess at home), we have our Self-Serve Dog Wash! We provide all of the dog grooming supplies to get your pet squeaky clean, and we clean up the mess afterwards! 

    Play and Keep Them Fit With Dog Exercise Supplies

    Playtime and exercise are great ways to bond with your pup and keep them happy and healthy. Make sure you have the right supplies to help them stay active. We have a wide range of collars, harnesses, leashes and waste bags to make long walks easier and more enjoyable. Having plenty of toys and balls for your dog to play with and chase around the house keeps them entertained and active. Whether your pup prefers tug-of-war, fetch, or to play with a chew toy, we’ve got plenty of toys made for all different types of play.

    Shop Dog Supplies Online and Have Them Delivered To Your Door 

    When you can’t make it to the store, don’t forget about Treats Unleashed’s Delivery Service! We offer same day delivery for orders placed before 12 pm, and next day delivery for orders placed after 12 pm.

    Our team wants to support you and your fur baby every step of the way, from getting them their first or many tennis balls, to finding a nice, comfy bed for their arthritic joints as they get older. We truly care about your pets and want to help you care for them on every step of their journey. 

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