• Cute Clothes for Dogs 

    Pet owners have conflicting thoughts on whether or not dogs should wear clothes, and contrary to what some people may think, there is no right or wrong answer. 

    Dog apparel has the obvious benefit of being cute, but there are more important benefits that dressing your dog up can offer: keeping them warm in cold weather, protecting them from the rain, and even consoling a dog suffering from anxiety. Like most things with your pet (what kind of food they eat, how they like to play, etc.), there is no one right answer—it’s all dependent on your dog and their personal preference.

    Fashionable, Functional Dog Apparel 

    Dressing your dog up can offer them a wide range of benefits outside of just being cute (even though we consider that a benefit, too!). The first major benefit you get from dressing your dog up is protection from bad weather—if your pup is scared of rain, getting them a rain jacket and booties may make them feel more comfortable going outside or on walks in the rain. 

    If you live in a colder climate and have a Husky or Samoyed, they will more than likely be overjoyed to go on a walk in the snow; if you have a smaller, short-haired pup, however, they may need some help to get outside in the colder months. Getting them a sweater protects them from the cold, and a pair of booties will protect their feet from icy, salted sidewalks that can be dangerous to them.

    Dog clothes can also ease a dog’s anxiety. A snug-fitting sweater or vest can console your dog if they are distressed, or can prevent them from getting overstimulated if you know they are about to be in a stressful environment.

    Clothes that Dress Up for the Occasion 

    Treats Unleashed has clothes for your pup to fit every season! An all-season piece of dog apparel that often gets overlooked is dog booties. They help keep your dog safe year-round, protecting your dog’s paw pads from hot concrete in the summer and icy, salted concrete in the winter. 

    In addition to dog clothes that are functional, we also know how important it is to include our pets in all of our festivities and to have seasonal outfits that are both fun and functional. We have bowties and bandanas that keep your pet festive year-round; Christmas sweaters and jingle bell collars keep your pet jolly (and warm!) during the holiday season.

    Show Support For Your Team! 

    Calling all sports fans! If it’s not Sunday without your favorite team playing on TV, Treats Unleashed has your pup covered. Let them join in on the game day rituals with their very own jersey! We’ve got gear for your favorite professional and college teams—so, whether you’re a baseball fan or hockey, football fanatic, or a Lou-ligan, we’ve got the gear to get your dog in on all of the fun.

    Get Same-Day Delivery On Dog Apparel 

    If you don’t have time to shop with us in-store, you can have your pup’s clothes delivered straight to your door or ready for you with curbside pickup. Get same-day delivery when you place your order before 12 pm or next-day delivery when you place your order after 12 pm. Deliveries over $75 are free! When you order curbside pickup, we’ll have it ready for you within 4 hours of placing your order—just give us a call when you arrive, and one of our team members will bring your order out to you!

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