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    The Best Cat Food For Your Feline Friend

    A cat’s diet has one of the highest impacts on their health and happiness. An important thing to understand about your cat and their needs is that cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their bodies thrive on a primary animal-based protein diet. When you’re shopping for their food, make sure that a quality protein source is at the top of the ingredient list (ingredients on our pet’s food labels are listed in order of pre-cooked weight. When the protein source is listed first, this indicates that it is the highest percentage of the food). 

    When choosing the best cat food for your indoor cat, consider their life stage, as kittens, adults and senior cats have different nutritional needs. While high-quality protein should always be a priority, considering factors like fat and carbohydrate content also matter at different stages in your cat’s life. 

    Avoiding food with excessive fillers is crucial to striking a healthy balance and preventing obesity and other health conditions. Proper food plus regular vet visits ensure your purrrfect little angel enjoys a happy and healthy life. 

    Healthiest Dry Cat Food

    At Treats Unleashed, we offer a wide range of dry cat food to fit your feline friend’s needs and preferences. Understanding every cat is unique, we stock food that the pickiest or most sensitive cat will love! Our team carefully selects each type of food we stock with your cat's health and happiness in mind. When you shop at Treats Unleashed, you can have peace of mind knowing you will find the best dry cat food for your indoor cat.

    While moisture is essential in a cat’s diet, a cat can also thrive on a dry food diet. All our dry food options are made with natural ingredients that align with a cat’s natural diet, prioritizing high-quality protein as the number one ingredient. 

    We also know that some cats have sensitive stomachs and cannot digest common cat food ingredients like chicken, beef and wheat. Because of this, we stock a wide range of dry cat food for cats with sensitive stomachs, made with alternate protein sources like duck and lamb and alternate grain sources like brown rice. These formulas are gentle on their stomach and still deliver the nutrients your kitty needs to thrive.

    Natural Wet Cat Food

    Feeding your cat wet food also offers numerous benefits to their overall well-being. Wet cat food has a high moisture content, which helps keep your cat hydrated. Proper hydration is important for your cat, especially if they don’t drink enough water on their own.

    Wet food is also gentle on the digestive system, making it a great option for cats with sensitive stomachs. The added moisture and high protein content aid digestion and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal issues and discomfort. The high moisture content of wet food also supports your cat’s kidney health by flushing out toxins.

    Cats do not produce certain necessary amino acids and need to get them from their diet; our wet cat food options contain essential amino acids that aid in muscle development, maintain a healthy coat and support your cat’s growth. We offer grain-free and alternate-protein wet cat food options for cats with food sensitivities, ensuring every cat gets the nutrition they need.

    Freeze Dried Cat Food

    Freeze-dried cat food is a newer option that is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and aids in a balanced diet for your cat. Freeze-drying is a technique where a food like chicken, beef, or even sweet potatoes is frozen and put in a vacuum so the water content freezes, and then evaporates. Removing the moisture from the food makes it shelf-stable, preserving it while locking in essential nutrients. 

    Our freeze-dried cat food options ensure your furry friend gets the vitamins and minerals necessary for their health and happiness. The process also retains the natural flavors and nutrients in fresh ingredients, which your cat will love!

    Get A Personalized Diet Plan for Your Cat

    At Treats Unleashed, we understand the unique needs of every cat and that their dietary needs can vary. That’s why we offer a personalized food consultation service to address any specific concerns for your cat you may have, including sensitive stomach, allergies, weight management and overall health. Our expert team can guide you to the best food for your cat’s wellbeing and happiness. 

    Whether you’re working through an allergy, are trying to maintain your cat’s weight or are worried about a new digestive problem, our team is here to help. If you can't talk to our team directly, we also offer a food consult form that you can fill out with any questions and concerns you have. Our goal at Treats Unleashed is to support your cat so they can live their happiest, healthiest life.

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