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It's Our 20th Birthday!

Posted on 08.01.2022

Treats Unleashed started in the summer of 2002 with a batch of Apple Cinnamon Heart treats at a kiosk in the mall. Since then, we have grown to 18 locations - with a 19th shop on the way this Fall! Our kitchens have introduced a number of homemade freshly cooked treats alongside the Apple Cinnamon Heart classic crunchy cookie, such as soft bites, birthday cakes, and other fresh baked goodies that you can only find at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed. More than just a pet bakery, Treats Unleashed cares about building lifelong relationships and helping pet parents make educated choices for their furry family members. We've also expanded our services over the years to include grooming, self serve dog washes, and most recently, obedience training. Thank you for growing with us. Here's to the next 20 years!

In honor of our 20th birthday, we will be having a number of different sales throughout the month of August:

Stella and Chewy's - Get 20% off freeze-dried and baked kibble or get 25% off if you buy both together. Stella and Chewy's is the perfect product for someone who wants to slowly introduce raw food into their pet's diet. It is also great for your picky pups and finicky felines!

Nutrisource - Get $2 off a small bag, $3 off a medium bag, or $5 off a large bag of any NutriSource kibble. NutriSource has recipes specifically designed for puppies, all life stages, small breeds, and large breeds. It also has recipes targeted for weight management and seniors. All NutriSource formulas deliver a fully-balanced nutrition and include prebiotics and probriotics to heal, form, and support a happy and healthy gut. 

Primal - Receive $3 off all frozen raw complete diets, available in 3 lb, 4 lb, and 6 lb bags (cat and dog). Raw food, whether fed along with kibble or alone, is perfect for anyone looking to aid hip and joint health, skin and coat health, and gut health. Coming in a variety of different proteins, Primal raw food is a great addition to any pet's diet. Save on supplements too! Buy a quart of Primal Goat's Milk at $9.99 ($3 off). Goat's Milk is great when used as either a topper or alone. Goat's Milk is a nutrient rich hydration option packed with vitamins, minterals, electrolytes, and more! Coming in a variety of formulas (Original, Green Goddess, Cranberry Blast, Pumpkin Spice, and Blueberry Pom Burst), Primal goat's milk is a great supplement for both cats and dogs.

A Pup Above - Come in and try a free 1lb bag of gently cooked A Pup Above, with a food consultation! If your dog falls in love with this food, come back in and get $1 off a 1# bag, $3 off a 3# bag, or $7 off a 7# bag. Coming in grain-in and grain-free options, A Pup Above food is a great option for any dog. A Pup Above is prepared by sous-vide, meaning that it is cooked low and slow in order to retain nutrients. This yummy gently cooked food is 100% human grade, made with all natural, farm to table traceable ingredients. If you are looking for a high-quality food to introduce moisture into your dogs diet, then this food is for you! A Pup above was created to introduce a sense of transparency into the pet food industry. The company believes in making food sustainably, so it is better for humans, pups, and the world!

Orijen - Have you been looking to try a new treat for your pup? Buy one bag of Orijen biscuits and get a second for free - in store only! These high-protein treats make for a healthy, energizing, anytime treat for your dog. Bonus Shelf Special! - Get $4 off a 4# bag of Orijen cat kibble the next time you shop with Treats Unleashed in-store. This fully balanced, high-protein kibble makes for the perfect meal for your cat or kitten.

Winnie Lou - Winnie Lou treats are locally sourced and made with sustainable proteins and produce. Treats Unleashed carries 6 different flavors all with varying benefits. Stop in or shop online and grab a bag for 30% off.

Koha - Get $1 off dog cans and $3 off dog treats. Koha offers a variety of different proteins and formulas in their cans as well as a few single ingredient air-dried treat options. 

Shop online or at your local shop to take advantage of all of our birthday sales!

No birthday is complete without a party... Join us on August 27th for our 20th Birthday Party! We will be sampling out birthday cake to all dogs and selling special 20th Birthday treats that weekend. Visit your local shop to help us celebrate!

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