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Winter Grooming Needs?

Posted on 01.05.2022

Keeping up with your pet's regular grooming schedule is important all year round to maintain healthy skin and coat. While we might put heavier coats on for the cold weather, your pet will appreciate the consistency in their visits with the groomer and their appearance. They will look and feel great all 12 months of the year!

An unexpected warm day in the middle of Winter can be a nice reprieve from the cold season, but can trick your pet's biology into prematurely shedding their coat. Which can lead to more clumps of fur around your house and on your clothes. It's similar to when flowers bloom earlier than usual with multiple warm days in a row. Treats Unleashed grooming can help get their shedding under control with our Shed Less treatment, no matter what the weather brings! Our Shed Less appointments include a special shampoo to help cut down on the falling follicles and works great with short haired and double coated dogs.

Not worried about shedding? Maybe you're hearing the click-clack of your pet's nails on your floor. That's usually a sign that they are due for a nail trim and file. Making a nail trim appointment is a great way to see your groomer between grooming appointments and stay on top of your dog's health. After all, your groomer sees your pet more often than their vet does, and your groomer knows your pet very well. They can alert you if anything seems unusual or out of character. Having regular nail trims also keeps their quick from growing too long and their nails can be kept shorter.

Call your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to make an appointment for a paw-dicure or a Shed Less bath! See all of our Locations and services available here.

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