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What to Avoid in Pet Treats & Chews

Posted on 12.06.2021

Holiday shopping lists sometimes can seem neverending. You don't want to leave out any family members, and that includes the family pets! There are lots of quick buy options out there, but you'll want to be cautious as sometimes a low dollar treat could result in a high dollar vet bill. Whether you are buying for your pet, or an extended family pet, here are some quick tips on what to look for in treats and chews and what to avoid this season.

Quality Meat Sources - Check your source! Do you know where the beef came from in that chew? At Treats Unleashed, our foods, chews, and treats are all made with quality sourced ingredients. In most cases, our chews are sourced in the USA, especially when it comes to beef and chicken. More novel proteins, like rabbit, may come from France. Lamb primarily comes from New Zealand. Our manufacturers look for the greatest quality location for each meat. None of our foods, treats, or chews ever come from China. Check the source of your pet's chews and know why it comes from it's country of origin.

Rawhide - One of the most traditional and low cost treats for dogs are rawhide chews. These come in bone shapes, braids, various colors and sizes. But what is rawhide? It's actually the thickest part of the back skin of a cow, that has been chemically bleached, stretched and shaped. This makes for a long lasting chew, however, your pet cannot properly digest these. Worse, they can cause blockages and other high risks to your pup. Try treating your pet to a Hyde Out chew instead. It's made with the softer cheek tissue of a cow that is fully digestible!

All-Natural - When in doubt, take the all-natural route! Look at the ingredients in the pet treats you are buying as a present. Fewer and easier to pronounce ingredients are key to finding something simple and tasty for your pet. For a packaged treat, GivePet makes fun and festive options in soft and crunchy biscuits with a small ingredient panel. At Treats Unleashed, we have several pet treats made fresh everyday in our store kitchens! They are decorated to order for a custom treat or we have plain treats on our tables as well. Always made in-store with human quality ingredients and baked fresh for your pets.

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