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We Love Rescues!

Posted on 02.02.2023

In the month of February, Treats Unleashed is sharing the love between six groups throughout our St. Louis and Kansas City communities with our Round Up for Rescue program! You can make a big difference for all of these groups with the help of our Round Up for Rescue program. Learn a little bit about each group:

Pet's Second Chance Corgi Rescue - Founded in Missouri in 2000, Pet's Second Chance specializes in Welsh Corgis and Corgi mixes. They are a foster based rescue, saving dogs ranging from puppy to senior ages from Missouri, Northern Arkansas and Southern Illinois. All pups are accepted regardless of age or medical condition, and they are given proper medical attention and rehabilitation in loving foster homes before being placed in their forever home.

Speak Rescue and Sanctuary - Previously known as Speak St. Louis, this rescue specializes in Double Merle dog awareness. These pups are born with hearing or vision impairments or in some cases both. Speak works with these often forgotten animals to prove that they can live happy and full lives, just as any other dog can. 

Love A Golden - As their name suggests, this St. Louis based rescue focuses on Golden Retrievers who have been surrendered, stray, in a shelter, or otherwise out of options and place them in their forever home. They are an all volunteer, foster based group who share a deep passion for Goldens, especially senior and special needs pups.

The Feral Companion - This St. Louis foster based group looks to help feral, shy, and special needs dogs who may initially be overlooked. If these pups take a long time to rehabilitate, they may not get the time and attention needed at a busy shelter. The Feral Companion seeks these pets out, and their foster homes can provide them that time and attention to prepare them for a loving forever home.

Furry Kids Refuge - An all volunteer, foster based rescue in the greater Kansas City and Nevada, MO area where they save from high-kill shelters, breeders, stray/neglect situations, and pets displaced due to changing family situations or the loss of their human companion. While Furry Kids primarily uses their foster network, they do have a small facility where they can help pets with medical or behavioral issues before moving into a foster home.

Kitty City Kansas Rescue - Kitty City is a no-kill 501(c)(3) non-profit group. They intake mostly from shelters with euthanasia policies due to overcrowding or other non-medical conditions. They are volunteer based and aim to change the outcome of each and every cat that arrives under their care. Kitty City formed in 2008 and their core principles have not changed since day one - Kindness, Compassion, and Empathy. In 2022 alone, they had 431 adoptions.

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