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A series of educational pet nutrition blogs written by pet experts, just for pet parents.

Wag Your Tails - It's Tail-Gate Weekend

Posted on 09.15.2022

Football is back and with it comes tail-gating! While we might not be able to bring our furry friends with us to the stadium when we go to celebrate our favorite team, we can help them celebrate at home!

Treats Unleashed carries a number of football-themed treats and toys for our football loving friends! Stop in this weekend to see all of our highlighted products (and maybe even bring a few home!)

Treats Unleashed Cheeseburger Softbite

These treats are made with all-natural, human grade ingredients like oats, beef concentrate, honey, and cheese powder to create a salty & sweet treat for your pup (or cat)! Cheeseburger softbites are baked fresh in every store and are good in the fridge for 7-10 days. Cheeseburger softbites are a fan favorite for pets and owners, and they are sure to make the pet crowd go wild! 

Treats Unleashed Decorated Cookie

Treats Unleashed's cookies are all-natural and made with human grade ingredients. While they might look good enough for us to eat, they are specifically designed for your pup's palette. Each cookie is decorated by one of our team members and will score a touchdown in any family!

Boswer Beer

Yep! This "beer" is 100% pet friendly and made from bone broth! Coming in a beer-like botttle, this drink will make our furry friends feel included while we lounge on the couch watching our favorite football team play.

Stella and Chewy’s Wild Weenies 

These weenies will make your pup go as wild as a hotdog will! And the best part is that they are super healthy for them! Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried raw protein treats are sure to be a first-round pick.

Football Plush Toys

You can never go wrong with a football themed toy! Whether soft, rubber, or hard, these toys will make your pet feel like the best quarterback in the league.

Winnie Lou Pretzels

These treats are made with locally sourced ingredients from Colorado farms. Using only real, whole food ingredients, Winnie Lou focuses on both sustainability and pet nourishment. Winnie Loui's doggy pretzels will be a pro-bowl selection for your pup!

No matter your team, Treats Unleashed has the perfect football products for your pet!


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