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Treats Unleashed's Guide to a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving!

Posted on 11.22.2022

Thanksgiving is almost here! It's time to start preparing the pies, shopping for groceries, and setting up the table. Most of all, it's time to be thankful! We're thankful for our friends, families, communities, and furry loved-ones! This turkey day, make sure to give your pet animal-safe foods so they can join in on the festivities. 

Let's start with the turkey! Every family has someone who loves to sneak food to the pet (whether your uncle, grandpa, or baby cousin). Make sure your dog or cat is only getting white meat from the turkey. Turkey bones, skin, and gravy should not be served to your pet. Cooked bones can splinter when chewed on, leaving sharp fragments. Also, nones are not digestible and can lead to an unwanted vet visit if swallowed. Once cooked, turkey skin is covered in spices, butter, and more - opening up the possibility for upset tummies if consumed.

As much as we love stuffing, mashed potatoes, and casseroles, the extra grains, spices, and dairy can irritate our furry friend's stomachs and cause digestive issues.

Foods that are typically found in your pet's daily food are good to share at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sides like green beans (without added ingredients like butter and spices), plain pumpkin puree, apples, and potatoes (with no added ingredients) are a perfect addition to your pet's bowl.

Finally, let's talk about pie! Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without pie. Pumpkin pie is a staple on most families' dessert tables. Unfortunately, the added spices, sugar, and cream can lead to stomach upset in dogs and cats. This year, share the love with a slice of Treats Unleashed pet-friendly pumpkin pie! Our pie is made with all natural, human-grade ingredients like pumpkin puree, eggs, and oats. The new shortbread crust is golden brown and made with peanut butter - making it even yummier! Feeling extra thankful? Add a dollop of Bones & Co goat whip on top of your pet's pumpkin pie and watch them go crazy.

Take away all of the guesswork and have Treats Unleashed prepare your pet's dinner and pie! Skip the table scraps and celebrate with your pet by picking up a can of Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner for Dogs or Fromm Turkey Cat-A-Stroni for our feline friends. Pair that can with a slice of our pumpkin pie for the ultimate dinner and dessert combo - just $6.99 for dogs and $4.99 for cats. Pet safe foods are always on the holiday menu at Treats Unleashed.

Just need dessert? Grab a slice of pumpkin pie for $3.99 or a whole pumpkin pie for $19.99! Ordering ahead of time is not required; just stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed for a slice of pie or dinner combo while supplies last. But you may want to hurry - dogs and cats love to gobble these up!

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