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Let's Talk about Turkey!

Posted on 11.16.2022

Thanksgiving is all about sharing - sharing memories, sharing laughs, and sharing food - and our pets are often included in the festivities. 

While we might think that a Thanksgiving turkey is perfect for our furry friends, turkey made for humans often includes excess salt, butter, herbs, and other additions that aren't great for our four-legged family members. Instead, shop ahead of time and get some pet-specific turkey foods.

A Pup Above - Do you prefer a fresh food for your pet? A Pup Above's Turkey Pawella is cooked sous-vide with human grade, all natural ingredients. Your pup will thank you for this lip-licking meal.

Merrick - Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner in a can combines turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and more for a dog-centric holiday meal.

Fromm - Get a can of Fromm's Cat-a-stroni Turkey and Vegetable Stew for your favorite felines. This food is cooked with chickpea noodles and sweet potatoes in a savory broth - sure to make your cat meow all day long.

This Saturday, November 19th, stop in store for a free 1# sample of A Pup Above's Turkey Pawella to try it out before turkey day!

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