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Bright and Fun Summer Toys for Dogs

Posted on 06.01.2022

Summer is one of the most fun times of the year! Plenty of time outside with your pup, and everyone is home from school. Keep everyone engaged with some awesome new toys for your dog! Here are some of our favorite seasonal suggestions:

RuffDawg Toys - These toys are super bright neon colors, so they are easy to find in the yard or in the pool! That's right, these durable toys bounce, float, and are top rack dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Find the right size for your dog, as well as the play feature they'll like best.

Cool Pup Bomb Pops - Another tough toy, but with a fun twist! Cool Pup Bomb Pops are scented/flavored with cherry, lemon lime and blue raspberry - just like the popsicles you loved as a kid! What's more, you can submerge this toy in water to fill and then freeze for a cool treat and toy on warm days. Available in two sizes.

Chuck-Its - Classic fetch toys return for the season! Grab a launcher and ball to get things started, or upgrade your current game with new and different types of fetch balls! Even glow in the dark options for night time fun or early morning fetch. Chuck Its also have some fantastic flying discs with their Zipflight options. Even more options in store!

Project Hive - See what the buzz is all about! New to Treats Unleashed, Project Hive offers unique toys and treats to match. A portion of every sale goes to help restore the declining honey bee population. Save our pollenators and have fun at the same time! All Project Hive treats are made with simple ingredients, including sweet honey.

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