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How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat!

Posted on 07.20.2022

Summer is perfect for swimming, ice cream, and laying outside. Unfortunately, our favorite furry friends have a higher tendency to become overheated if they are outside for too long. Here are some fun ideas to keep your pup cool and entertained indoors!

Treats Unleashed Iced Treat Options -- TU offers many different iced treat options for our pets! Whether its our homemade frozen yogurt pup cupsWag More Bark Less coconut cream based iced treat, or Dog-O's whey based iced treat, your pup is sure to cool down with one of these yummy snacks!

Frozen Lick Mat or Kong -- As pet owners, we are always looking for a creative way to keep our animals busy. One solution that keeps your pup both cool and occupied is giving them a frozen stimulating toy -- like our Kongs, West Paw interactive toys, Soda Pup lick mats, and many more! Treats Unleashed offers many different options to fill or spread onto a stimulating toy - pick up a canned food, a pet-safe peanut butter, or ask an employee for their favorite recommendations at your local Treats Unleashed.

Water Toys/Accesories -- Sometimes, to keep our dogs cool, we have to think outside the box! Treats Unleashed sells a frozen bomb pop toy that fills with water and, once frozen for a few hours, turns into the perfect ice toy for outdoors. Treats Unleashed also sells cooling bandanas - just soak the bandana in water and tie them on to cool down your hot dog!

Doggy Shoes -- In the end, your pup being outside is inevitable. Whether they are hanging out with family or going out for a walk, it's important that their paws are protected! If it is over 85 degrees outside, chances are it is too hot for your dog to walk on pavement for extended periods of time. Make sure to cover up their paws with some doggy shoes to keep their sensitive paw pads well protected! In the event that your pup's paws get burned, make sure to put on Protex Pawz's Max Wax or Earth Animal Herbal Skin Relief Balm to help soothe the pain and speed up healing time!

Giving your dog mental stimulation is always important for having a happy and healthy pup. Make sure to bring your dog with you on your next visit to Treats Unleashed to receive some love from our employees (and maybe pick up some summer toys for them in the meantime)!

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