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Shop Dog Feature - Gwynnie at Northland

Posted on 05.26.2022

As part of an ongoing monthly feature, we will be introducing some of our favorite team members - the Treats Unleashed shop dogs, alongside their human counterparts! Meet Gwynnie from the Northland KC shop.

"Hi, I'm Gwynnie! Welcome to my store! I'm the Treats Unleashed treat janitor. My favorite task of the day is to drop down on my belly and army crawl under the bakery shelves until I find every last dropped crumb. It's grueling work, but I earned a nickname by being such a diligent team member - "the Swiffer!" I also have the important job of soliciting attention from many, many customers, and occasionally putting up a fuss when my dad tries to give other dogs more attention than me. Since I'm getting older, he always asks me first in the morning if I want to go to work by holding up my harness and waits to see if I stay in bed or want a day off. But almost every day I hop up and am so excited to take on my next shift! Being almost 9 years old, I'm deaf and don't have any teeth at this point, but it doesn't stop me from eating small pieces of all sorts of snacks! My favorites are yogurt drops and mutter butters. On my dad and I's time off, he loves teaching me tricks with hand signals, pampering me and making me colorful with pet-safe dye (and I just LOVE the attention it brings), and of course, cuddling."

"My name is Keegan, and I've been working at Treats Unleashed since November 2021, but I've been working with pets on a professional level for nearly 8 years now, and grooming for almost 3. I started at the Leawood and Shoal Creek locations, so Gwynnie has been frequently spotted there, but I'm so excited to share our new home base is the recently-opened grooming salon at the Northland store! We'd love to see you - the address is 6312 N Chatham Ave! Come see us and get your pet pampered by me, or just drop by to say hi! Gwynnie might even be willing to share her treats with you..."

You can find Gwynnie and Keegan at our Northland KC shop at 6312 N Chatham Avenue. Stop by and say hi next time you are in the neighborhood!

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