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Why Schedule a Nail Trim?

Posted on 03.17.2022

Scheduling a nail trim for your pet may seem like an unnecessary extra step, as they are included in an appointment with your groomer, but having a nail trim between appointments is beneficial in many ways.

Get quick results - As your pet's nails grow longer, so does the 'quick' - a blood vessel and nerve inside each nail. Pets that have a pronounced quick in their grown out nails cannot be trimmed back short all at once, as this causes pain and bleeding. With regular nail trims, the quick actually recedes and allows your pet to keep their nails shorter.

Increases familiarity with groomer - Having another scheduled appointment with your groomer helps your pet develop their relationship and trust with them. Your groomer can get to know their preferences, like whether they prefer nail clips or nail grinds. Since these are shorter visits, they can help with your pet's anxiety as well.

Keeps up with nail growth - Beyond worrying about the quick, your pet's nails are more susceptible to cracks and breakage the longer they are. Growing out a damaged nail can be a long, and sometimes painful process. Keep your pet's nails healthy and keep them from "click-clacking" on your floors. Our general rule is "If you can hear them coming from the next room, it's time for a nail trim."

Nail trims are available every day that a groomer is on staff at all participating Treats Unleashed locations. Call to get your pet on the schedule at your neighborhood shop! Some Treats Unleashed locations also feature cat grooming options and nail trims. Talk to your local Treats Unleashed team to learn more.

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