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Learn More About Our Round Up for Rescue Program

Posted on 07.12.2022

Have you been asked to round up your purchase total during your most recent trip to Treats Unleashed? If so, this post is for you! For the past few months, we have been sponsoring a number of different rescues. When you round up to the nearest dollar, all of the proceeds go directly to the rescue(s) of the month. At the end of each month, we total everything up and split it between each group. 

Who do we work with?

Every month, we work with a few different non-profit (501c3 registered) pet rescues. In the past, we have worked with Love a Golden Rescue, Five Acres Animal Shelter, Pet Resource Center of Kansas City, The Feral Companion, Central Missouri Humane Society and STL English Bulldog Group just to name a few. Our donations committee works together to pick a couple of smaller rescues from our local St. Louis, Columbia, MO, and Kansas City communities at the beginning of each month. Keeping the focus local helps us directly impact pets in our communities.

How else do we help out?

Throughout the month of hosting, we also try to bring in as many of the featured groups to meet with pet parents in our shops that are able. Rescue volunteers will set up shop at one of our stores and participate in a meet and greet with a couple dogs that are up for adoption. Typically, groups do not offer on site adoptions, but this allows you and your family to meet with the pets in need of a forever home, and you can submit a letter of interest with the group!

Year round, we also accept any physical donations (food, blankets, supplies, etc.). These resources are sent to Bi-State Pet Food Pantry in St. Louis -- a group that provides pet supplies to families struggling due to unforseen circumstances. Bi-State Food Pantry operates on a volunteer basis and assists an average of 200 families a month in caring for their pet. Our Columbia shop collects donations for Central Missouri Humane Society, and our Kansas City shops collect for a few different pet food pantries as well.

How much do we typically raise per month? How much have we raised this year?

So far this year we have raised around $26,000 and we average about $6,000 per month!! Each group can receive around $1,000-$2,000, depending on the donations received and number of featured groups that month. These donations provide the rescue group the opportunity to purchase supplies, whether they need food, assitance in medical bills, toys, or anything else. 

If you are interested in helping out one of our local rescues, please round up your purchase whenever you stop in -- every penny counts! Also, if you know of a non-profit rescue in need of assistance, please visit and apply to be a round up group or request a donation!

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