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Prepare for Spring with Treats Unleashed!

Posted on 04.05.2023

Has allergy season got your pet sneezin'? With Spring comes warmer weather, flowers, April showers, and brighter days. It also brings unwanted allergies, fleas and ticks, and more for our furry friends. Learn how to prepare for Spring with Treats Unleashed!

Allergy: Just like humans, our furry friends get allergies when temperatures start to rise. Some indicators that your pet might be suffering are red skin, goopy eyes, dandruff, and sneezing! Don't worry, we've got you covered! For your pet's sneezing, pick up an Earth Animal Coughing, Wheezing, and Sneezing tincture. Made with a blend of organic herbs, this supplement helps support respiratory function and health. Is your pet having more physical symptoms like itching, scratching, or red skin? Pick up a bottle of Earth Animal Allergy & Skin Organic Remedy.

Flea & Tick: Bugs come out to play when warmer weather creeps up. Make sure your protecting your pet from fleas and ticks. If bit, a tick can cause serious diseases in your pet. Protect your pet with an all-natural flea and tick preventative from Earth Animal!  Whether you pick up a collar, an edible powder, or a spot-on treatment, these products help create the ultimate defense for your dogs and cats to build immunity and combat fleas and ticks. Earth Animal offers a natural alternative - free of synthetic chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides. Some key ingredients in the spot-on treatment and collar are Peppermint, Virginia Cedarwood, and Almond Oil - repelling fleas, ticks, and other biting insects naturally. Nature's Protection Daily Internal Powder contains a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support a healthy immune system and to change the odor of your pet's blood - repelling any biting insect. 

Miscellaneous: Once it gets warmer, it's time to pull on some tennis shoes, grab a leash, and go exploring! Keep your pet's digestive system safe from anything they might pick up on the way with a pack of pumpkin puree! Full of fiber, pumpkin is an amazing supplement for any pup. Does your pup like to eat stool in the backyard once the frozen ground thaws? Pick up some Stop Eating Stool from Earth Animal! Just sprinkle a serving on your pet's food to alter the taste of their stool - making it more unappealing. 

Looking for more recommendations on how to prepare? Stop into your local Treats Unleashed and speak to our knowledgeable team members!

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