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Personal Trainer Plans for Pets

Posted on 12.30.2021

As we approach the end of the year, we look towards 2022 with new found goals and ambitions. Common new year resolutions include cleaning up your diet or starting a personal training plan. Why not extend these to your pet as well? At Treats Unleashed, we can help you acheive these goals for your pet into 2022 and beyond.

Did you adopt a pet this holiday season? Or maybe you have a family dog who could use a refresher course? Treats Unleashed's dog training program offers class levels from new puppy to experienced dogs. More than just learning how to give commands to your pet, our training program teaches you how to communicate with your dog and develop a relationship of trust. (Training your pet involves your full participation as well!) It takes time and patience to train your dog correctly, and when you work with us, Treats Unleashed can give you the best tools to succeed. We focus on positive reinforcement for our training techniques, which means your pet will look forward to and enjoy their reward for their training successes rather than using a correction method for an undesired result.

Start the new year with a personal training program with your pet! Class sessions begin on January 3rd and meet once a week for six weeks. Live your best life with your pet in 2022 by developing your relationship and establishing clear communication with Treats Unleashed Dog Training. Click here to view the available curriculum and participating locations. Call or visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed in St. Louis to learn more and sign up.

Classes are currently available in the St. Louis area only.

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