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A series of educational pet nutrition blogs written by pet experts, just for pet parents.

Treats Unleashed Pet Food Drive

Posted on 11.03.2022

Every year, Treats Unleashed hosts a food drive in the month of November to help animal-centric organizations in our local communities. This year, our pet food drive will be benefiting Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, Pet Resource Center of Kansas City, and Central Missouri Humane Society.

Bi-State Pet Food Pantry is a St. Louis based non-profit organization that helps provide emergency assistance to local pet owners. Bi-State operates solely on volunteers' time and efforts and helps people care for their four-legged family members when families fall on hard times. In 2017, they distributed over 186,000 pounds of food and continue to increase their quantities each year.

Pet Resource Center of Kansas City's mission is to decrease pet homelessness, increase pet retention, and improve the quality of life for pets through education and supportive services for families in need. Their core values are to be helpful, to build trust, and to be compassionate. While they initially started their journey to provide high-volume, low cost spay/neuter to eventually eliminate euthanasia of dogs and cats due to lack of space, they realized there are more ways to help. PRCKC volunteers to help pet owners with resources, pet food, education, and supplies. They also have a clinic that helps with vaccinations, parasite treatment or prevention, and has a special medical care fund.

The Central Missouri Humane Society was formed in 1943 and was recognized as a nonprofit in 1968. They promote the well-being of companion animals and envisions a time when no mid-Missouri pet is homeless, abused, or neglected. They perform thousands of free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries each year. They are not affiliated with any national humane organization. They are the only open-door shelter in Boone County, meaning that they take in every animal brought through their doors regardless of health or temperment. In 2021, 2,411 animals came into their care, 3,454 spay/neuter surgeries were performed, and 1,870 pets were cared for by foster families. CMHS had a 97.6% placement rate and had 2,143 pets adopted into new homes! They also helped 356 families via their pet food bank.


Treats Unleashed strives to aid pets and pet-owners in our communities by providing both physical and monetary donations to organizations with the most need. This year, we will be providing 10% off all kibble and canned food donations. Each location will have a white box to drop off the food. Please consider donating next time you are in store - every dollar, can of food, and bag of food matters! Thank you for your constant aid, we are incredibly grateful for your support.


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