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Build Your Pet's Easter Basket

Posted on 04.07.2022

Did your dog chase the Easter Bunny out of your yard? Repair the relationship and give your pet a very Happy Easter with a basket of their very own! If you're not sure what to get your pet for Easter, we have a few suggestions to help you build the perfect basket.

Decorated Treats - Always popular, our fresh baked crunchy treats are hand decorated by our team members. Each store loves to have a different spin on their treat table offerings, so make sure to visit in person to see all of the selections. Want to be surprised by the Easter Bunny? Order a 5 pack online and our team will add some fun themselves!

Meaty Treats - Try the new Wild Meadow Farms Meat n' Greet treats with 5 ingredients and over 200 treats per bag for a purr-fect cat treat. Does your dog also prefer savory over sweet? We have tons of great options, such as bully sticks, No-Hide Chews, and Hyde Out chews. Find your pet's new favorite!

Easter Toys - Vibrant Spring colors on squeaky toys! Get your pet's Easter fix with some non-edible fun from Peeps, Fringe Studio, and more. Does your dog tear things apart? We have a toy for that! Check out the Patchwork Pet Chicken and Egg plush toy. It has two layers of fabric to rip through in order to get to the spiky ball beneath.

Bandanas and Bow-Ties - Dress them up in their Easter best before you snap that picture! Whether you're looking for Easter flair or something for Spring, Keep Me Stitching has the most adorable bandanas and bow ties. All handmade by a local crafter, you can share the love with your pet! Both bandanas and bow-ties have a loop to fit your pet's collar through, so there is no need to tie the fabric. Great for dogs and cats!

Personalized Easter Egg Treat - This is the crown jewel of any pup's Easter basket! A jumbo 5" Easter Egg treat decorated with your favorite spring colors and personalized with your pet's name. What could be better? Get one for $5.99 or a three pack for just $15! Our crunchy treats are good at room temperature for 90 days, so you can make this treat last when you give just a little bit at a time. A wonderful and memorable treat for dogs of all sizes.

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