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Small Business Spotlight: Dog-O's Brings High Quality Cheese and Iced Treats to the Table!

Posted on 08.24.2022

The Marcoot Jersey Creamery is a seventh-generation, women-owned Jersey dairy farm in Greenville, Illinois (only 50 miles from St. Louis)! Owners, Amy and Beth Marcoot, alongside their business partner Audie Wall, expanded their business to pet owners during the pandemic. They are passionate about providing sustainable and high quality products for humans and dogs alike.

The Marcoot Jersey Creamery's cheese is made solely from the milk of their own Registered Jersey, primarily grass-fed cattle. Marcoot's cows have access to milking 24/7, so they are able to milk whenever they are ready! Their cheeses are all aged in an underground aging cave - providing energy efficiency and sustainability for the creamery.

Treats Unleashed carries two different Dog-O's products in store and online:

Dog-O's Ice Ice Doggy Ice Cream - This whey-based, iced treat is a perfect snack for any time! Coming in two different flavors - Banana Peanut Butter and Blueberry, these 3 oz cups are a winner for any pup. The product is all natural and packed with whey protein and fruit. Simply pop it open and enjoy!

Cheesy Chompers - Dog-O's cheesy chompers are perfect for our crunchy-treat loving pups! Coming in two different flavors and two different sizes, these 100% cheese treats are designed for every dog, no matter the size! These snacks are made from all-natural, farm fresh cheese that is locally sourced. Dog-O's are rich in protein, healthy fats, and nutrients, containing calcium, vitamin A, and more. Since the Cheesy Chompers are made from 100% cheese, so they are 0% anything else!

Visit Treats Unleashed in store or online to shop small and to try these delectable dog snacks today!

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