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Life is Stressful - Learn How to Keep your Pet Calm!

Posted on 08.10.2022

When it comes to additional nutrition in a pet's diet, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is necessary and what is not. Treats Unleashed employees are educated on every product we carry in order to assist you in the decision making process. Living in a world with different sights, smells, and sounds can be quite stressful to our furry friends with heightened senses. Learn more about the calming supplements that we carry in order to make life a little more peaceful for your cat or dog. 

Super Snouts

Super Snouts has built a "DREAM TEAM" of USA farmers and growers, a pharmaceutical engineer with a PHD, progessional extractors, and a veterinarian. They partner with this caliber of people, science, and technology in order to ensure that the highest quality of product is available to your pets. Their hemp is locally grown - having farms in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Kentucky - and is organically farmed, free of GMO's, pesticides, and herbicides. Super Snouts' CBD products contain non detectable levels of THC, as THC can be toxic to pets. Hemp activates a mammal's ECS system (endocannabanoid) which serves to help the body's immune system, central nervous system, and digestive system maintain balance or homeostasis. Each lot of Super Snouts hemp product is tested for safety, potency, and quality.

Treats Unleashed carries Super Snouts Chill-Out, which is a grain-free CBD treat that is veterinarian formulated and recommended. Super Snouts is cruelty free and perfect for cats or dogs of any size. These CBD supplements are nano crafted for superior absorption. The treats are made with beef liver, making it a tasty snack that will also help lessen your pet's anxiety. Treats Unleashed also carries Chill-Out peanut butter for our peanut butter loving pups. Spread this peanut butter on a lick mat or give your pet a spoonful and see the difference that CBD can make!

Pet Releaf

Based in Colorado, Pet Releaf sources the highest quality ingredients and makes sure everything that goes into their chews has a specific purpose. Pet Releaf utilizes regenerative and sustainable farming and is certified 100% wind power. They focus on quality of ingredients in each of their treats and they also care about the impact of production on the environment. The treats are veterinarian formulated and third-party tested, ensuring that nothing but the best is being given to your pet! 

Treats Unleashed carries Pet Releaf Stress Releaf, which are stress relief CBD treats designed to aid in calming and managing situational stress. With ingredients like organic chamomile and organic baobab, these treats are USDA certified organic and created for all dogs and cats. These CBD supplements are peanut butter and carob flavored, making it extra yummy for your picky pet. 

Earth Animal

Dr. Bob Goldstein created natural and effective pet products to ensure the highest quality of life for our four-legged family members. Coming from a holistic veterinary family, Earth Animal knows that animals have unique health and healing needs, which is why Earth Animal's Remedies and Supplements line was created. Earth Animal's Natural Remedies worked with a master herbalist in Vermont to capture the ancient method of holistic healing through the medicinal power of wild crafted herbs. The blends are soaked for 30 days and are extracted and poured into a light-sensitive tincture to ensure quality control. 

Treats Unleashed carries Earth Animal Calmness in order to support balanced behavior. Calmness is a relieving, organic, herbal blend that can provide a calming effect and manage situational stress that comes in many forms (thunderstorems, fireworks, environmental changes, grooming, and more!). Made with ingredients like chamomile and gingko, this remedy is perfect for daily or situational use. This tincture is to be administered orally, whether that be directly into your pet's mouth or into their water bowl.

Treats Unleashed also carries Earth Animal Emotional Balance Flower Essence that aids in emotional healing suport. This remedy helps balance and alleviate anxiety based behavior. Whether used to aid in minimizing neurotic behavior (seperation anxiety, reactivity, obedience issues, etc.) or for chronic anxiety, this formula is a natural solution to anxious behavior. Put 3-5 drops into your pet's water bowl daily for consumption. For severe stress, rub 1-2 drops onto an area of skin.

Treats Unleashed offers a variety of different calming methods for any pet. We provide similar products in order to benefit the highest quantity of pets, ensuring that there is a perfect fit for everyone! Whether your pet has situational stress or chronic anxiety, Treats Unleashed can help you find the best fit in order to increase your pet's quality of life. All Treats Unleashed employees are educated on the supplements we carry in order to provide necessary information for the wellfare of your pet.

Stop into your local shop to learn more about the calming supplements we carry and determine which is the best fit for your furry friend!

We’re not veterinarians. Treats Unleashed staff are well educated, and our writing is well-researched, but neither the advice of a Treats Unleashed staff member nor reading Treats Unleashed's written materials can substitute for visiting a veterinarian. We offer carefully chosen, natural solutions, but we believe that veterinary conditions should be diagnosed and treated by professionals.

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