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Is Canned Food Important for Pets?

Posted on 01.20.2022

You've researched your pet's food and found the best option that works for your lifestyle. It's a wonderful, well balanced dry food made with the best ingredients available and your pet loves it. Is there really a benefit to adding anything else to their bowl? The short answer is 'Yes.' Adding wet foods, whether that's a can or pouch of food, or an all natural supplement like bone broth or goat's milk, is very important in your pet's diet and well being. Two main reasons for this are rotational feeding and added moisture.

Rotational feeding refers to changing the variety or protein source of your pet's food on occasion. Switching tastes and textures are a great way to not only keep your pet engaged in their meal, but also establish healthy and robust digestive system. Rotational feeding can also help prevent food allergies from emerging in the future.

Added moisture in your pet's diet improves their overall health and immune system functionality, just as we humans need proper hydration with more water consumption. However, most pets, especially cats, do not drink enough water to stay properly hydrated on their own. When you add a can of food to their meal schedule, this increases their moisture consumption and actually encourages your pet to drink more water too!

Natural remedies can also be found in many wet food sources. Supplements are a great way to boost your pet's health, and you can use them to top your pet's dry food. Goat's milk is full of probiotics and prebiotics, which help settle their upset stomach. Bone broth not only helps restore a healthy GI tract, but are a great source of glucosamine for joint health support.

How often you add wet foods to your pet's diet is entirely up to you, but you can see overall improvements in your pet's health by making 25% of their diet from a wet food source. The easiest way to do this is to simply make every fourth meal from a can or a pouch. Another great way is to add a little topper to your pet's dry food. Just remember to decrease their dry food amount as well, so you don't overfeed them! Want to see the difference a little wet food can make in your pet's life? Talk to a Treats Unleashed team member today, and find some tasty and functional options for your pet. See all of the wet food options available online in our January Monthly Specials!

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