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Go With Your Gut - Learn How to Heal Your Pet's Gut!

Posted on 08.30.2022

A healthy gut leads to a happy life for our furry friends! Up to 75% of a dog's immune system is composed of their digestive system. Like humans, pets can be sensitive to strange or rich foods, especially if they are not used to consuming them. Unfortunately, animals cannot tell us when they have an upset stomach. It is crucial to ensure digestive health in order to help prevent gut issues. 

Treats Unleashed offers a number of different digestive supplements to aid in mainting a healthy digestive system.

Earth Animal No More Runs

Dr. Bob Goldstein has worked with a master herbalist since 2002 in order to perfect Earth Animal's line of supplements. After the desired herbs are selected, they are mixed with flower essences and soaked for 30 days.The blend is hand extracted and poured into a light sensitive tincture.

Earth Animal's No More Runs is an organic herbal blend that is designed to calm the stomach and digestive system. It helps reduce inflammation, discomfort, and irritation while also supporting healthy digestion and bowel heath. This product is made with clean ingredients that are sourced with transparency. 

Fruitables Pumpkin Digestive Supplement

Fruitables designed this supplement to aid digestion and support healthy GI tract function. Pumpkin with the addition of herbs like ginger and spearmint helps to sooth upset stomachs and provides a natural nutritional boost for meals. Pumpkin is a perfect addition for a pet transitioning to a new food.

Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up!

Weruva's Pumpkin Patch Up is perfect for any pet with a sensitive stomach. Made with only pumpkin and water, this puree supports healthy digestion and is a great source of healthy fibers. Feed as a treat or in conjunction with your pet's diet.

Primal Goat Milk

Primal's goat milk is a nutrient-rich digestive supplement. This "universal milk" is packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes making it both an excellent source of moisture and a great digestive aid. Primal's goat milk includes ingredients such as organic turmeric for inflammation, organic ginger for antioxidants, and cinnamon for an antibacterial aid. Goat milk is stored frozen, but will last 10 days once thawed and fot 1 year in the freezer. Feed alone, over food, or as a frozen icecube treat. Raw Goats milk is packed with living probiotics that help to heal a weakened gut. 

Stop in to your local Treats Unleashed to learn more about how you can help your dog grow and maintain a healthy digestive system!

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