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What's different about Farmina Pet Food?

Posted on 03.08.2022

Treats Unleashed carries several different brands of premium pet food for dogs and cats that are made differently than brands you would find at a national chain or at your grocery store. Even within the bags of foods on our shelves, Farmina stands out in their processes. So, what makes them different from the rest?

Just In Time Production - All of the foods at Farmina are made to order, assuring that the ingredients used are at the peak of freshness and nutritional benefit. Thanks to their efficient workflow, food is only produced after an order is placed by their partners and not waiting in a stockpile.

Nitrogen Packed - Farmina uses nitrogen during the food packaging process to displace all of the oxygen in the bag. Why? This removes the possibility of fat oxidation, and therefore rancidity, guaranteeing the preservation of the nutrients in your pet's food over time. With safety measures like this, it's no wonder that Farmina has never had a recall in their history.

Gently Steamed Cans - Many canned pet foods are cooked in a two-step process, while Farmina uses a single step steaming process for their cans. This maintains more nutrients within each ingredient of your pet's wet food diet! Farmina cans are also fully recyclable, free of BPA, and free of Guar, Xanthan, Cassia, All Industrial Gums, and Carrageenan. The high quality ingredients used in their canned foods are the very same ingredients used in their dry food diets as well.

With multiple formulas to match your dog or cat's nutritional needs, Farmina is a natural choice for your pet! Try a bag in March for $3 off of small bags of cat dry food, and $4 off small bags & $7 off large bags of dry dog food.

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