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Who Makes Your Pet's Food?

Posted on 05.10.2022

You may fill their bowls everyday but do you know who fills the bag of pet food that you buy? Treats Unleashed only works with pet food companies that we know and trust. Just like Treats Unleashed, many of these brands are small, independent, and in some cases, even family owned. Fromm Family Foods are no exception.

While Fromm has been a long time favorite at our shops, what you may not know is how long they've been a favorite of pets. Founded in 1904 in Wisconsin, the Fromm Family has been dedicated to innovating the health and nutrition of animals. In the 1930s, they developed the first canine distemper vaccine. In 1949, Fromm pioneered the process of cooking meat and grain together to create a packaged premium pet food. Since then, Fromm has been constantly evolving their pet foods to provide the best nutrition for our four legged family members.

Fromm is a family owned company, with Tom, Kathy, Bryan and Dan Nieman representing the fourth and fifth generations. The Fromm and Nieman families have been bonded in business and marriage since the mid 1800s in Wisconsin. Their commitment to the welfare of animals has always been strong, and they continue to deliver on that commitment to this day. While some companies have plans projected a few years out, Fromm's family business allows them to plan into the next generation and beyond. It's no surprise with their long term approach, Fromm has been a perennial favorite for dogs and cats at Treats Unleashed.

Want to learn more? Dig into Fromm's rich history on their site. Fromm Four Star dry food entrees for dogs and cats are on sale through May 31, 2022. Shop the brand your pets love, made by a family you can trust.

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