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How is TU Celebrating Earth Day?

Posted on 04.19.2023

Shop online and in-stores on 4/22/23 to receive 20% OFF Toys, Treats & Chews.If you bring your own bag, you will receive an additional 5% OFF the order.

Some eco-friendly and sustainable brands we carry include:

West Paw: Zogoflex toys might be the most fun a dog can have, because they last and last! Made from a USA-based proprietary formula, this plastic blend can be ground up and recycled into more bright, bouncy Zogoflex toys. Plus, it's extra tough! Got a super chewer at home? If your dog does chew it up, we'll replace it for free.

A Pup Above: Every purchase of A Pup Above makes an impact with 1% of their revenues going to support our friends at White Buffalo Land Trust to restore the health of soil, water and climate.

Project Hive: Through the company and products, Project Hive aspires to increase awareness of the need to save the bees. You won’t have to look far to see the influence honeybees have on our woof-worthy treats and toys (did we mention that our treats are made with organic honey?). Every product relates to bees somehow—see if you can find all the connections! Every Project Hive Pet Company purchase directly helps establish healthy bee habitat through our partnership with The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund

Spunky Pup Clean Earth toys and chews: Clean Earth plush toys are made from 100% Recycled plastic water bottles, including the fabric, stuffing, binding and thread. Clean Earth Heavy Duty chew toys are made from 100% Recycled plastic water bottles Each toy redirects waste from up to 9 plastic water bottles from ending up in oceans, waterways and landfills.

Shameless Pets:  Surplus and misfit produce (think jumbo blueberries and mini sweet potatoes) are the core of their mission. Each bag of treats contain 30% upcycled fruits & veggies - making them a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for your furry friend.

And our NEW Smashed Snacks treat bags! Our Smashed Snacks will be for sale for a low price of $7.99 and we will be giving $1 to the Pet Food Pantry for each bag sold. The 12oz bag of Smashed Snacks will be a combination of all treats - crunchy and decorated with yogurt.

Make sure to come see us in-store on Saturday to support Earth Day and don't forget to bring your pups!!

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