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We Scream for Doggy Ice Cream!

Posted on 07.20.2022

Did your pup enjoy our annual Ice Cream Social or were you unable to attend? Either way, TU is here to be your dog's one stop shop for iced treats! Here are some take home options for your pet.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Pup Cups - TU's pup cups are made in-store at every location with dog-safe, human grade ingredients. Each pup cup includes a honey bear recipe crunchy bowl with a scoop of frozen low-fat yogurt sweetened with honey. While each store has a different flavor variety, most pups love our vanilla or peanut butter recipes! If you were at our ice cream social, your dog received one of our pup cups and you were able to customize your pet's treat with Treats Unleashed products and at-home ingredients.

Wag More Bark Less Iced TreatThis human-grade and dairy-free iced treat is hand churned and packed with probiotics and made with coconut cream as a base. Coming in two different flavors - peanut butter and banana- this iced treat is the perfect snack on a hot summer day.

NEW Dog-O's Ice Ice Doggy - These new iced treats from Marcoot Jersey Creamery are limited ingredient and come in two yummy flavors - peanut butter and banana and blueberry! Marcoot Jersey Creamery has over 100 milking cows that are primarily grass-fed cattle that are never given hormones - providing an all around sustainable and humane experience. Instead of milk, Dog-O's uses whey protein as it's base.

The best part about all of these options is that they are customizeable! While there are a few at-home options to customize your pup's iced treat (craisins, frozen fruit, coconut flakes and unsalted peanuts), Treats Unleashed also offers many treats options to spice up your pup's cold treat. Whether you crumble up a softbite, sprinkle some Stella and Chewy's dinner dust, or top off with some pre-bagged treats, you can upgrade their iced treat into a sundae - no matter what day of the week it is!

Remember, due to the lactose content and high levels of sugar, regular ice cream is not safe for dogs. Treats Unleashed offers multiple dog-safe iced treat options in different flavors! Stop by your nearest Treats Unleashed and pick up a summer treat for your pup.



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