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How to Handle the Back to School Blues!

Posted on 08.17.2022

Keeping a pup entertained is no easy task, especially when life is a little busier than what they're used to like back to school time! When dogs get bored, they can develop destructive behaviors due to lack of brain stimulation. Boredom can lead to excessive chewing, barking, anxiety or destruction. It is extremely important to provide our furry family members with a selection of boredom busters in order to promote mental stimulation. 

Treats Unleashed carries products fit for any pup:

SodaPup Treat Dispenser - If your dog is a fan of nose work and treats, then a treat dispenser is the toy for you! SodaPup offers a variety of different shapes and sizes of treat dispenser suited for any type of dog. These toys can be filled with any type of dry treat, whether it be kibble, training treats, or single protein treats. They are also a great feeding tool for dogs who eat their kibble too fast. 

Planet Dog - Planet dog offers two different boredom busters - the Orbee Snoop and the Orbee Tuff Guru. Both treat dispensing interactive toys are made of a durable rubber. These products fit the majority of training treats or kibbles. 

Injoya Snuffle Mats - These snuffle mats are a cute way to introduce mental stimulation for any dog. Coming in a variety of themes, difficulties, and sizes, snuffle mats can be used for meal time or snack time! Just sprinkle your dog's kibble or their favorite treat into the ruffles, and watch your dog sniff their way around the fabric.

Kong - Kongs are amazing for dry treats and wet treats alike. With a small opening on one side and a large opening on the other, this boredom buster holds in almost any treat or food. Fill with peanut butter, treats, pumpkin, or anything that will make your pup go crazy!

SodaPup Lick Mats - Lick mats are a great way to introduce more moisture into a dog's diet while also keeping them entertained. Treats Unleashed carries many different lick mats, fit for any dog (or cat!). The great thing about lick mats is that they are suited for many different products. Canned food, peanut butter, and pumpkin are all spreadable option for lick mats. Treats Unleashed also carries two different dog-safe peanut butter options - Buddy Butter and Super Snouts Chill-Out peanut butter (in store only). Pumpkin is a safe and healthy option for any dogs with a sensitive stomach or with digestive upset. 

If your dog is going through their kong or lick mat too quickly, pop it in the freezer for a few hours to prolong mental stimulation and to give them a fun treat!

To learn more about our boredom busters, watch our Back To School Boredom Buster video and visit us in store for our Back TO School event all day on Saturday, 8/20. We will be providing Back To School Boredom Buster Supply Lists for anyone interested in picking up some of these great items. Don't forget to talk to a sales associate when you stop in, we love to talke about our favorite products and help pet parents find theirs!




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