• Treats Unleashed Bakery

    A Pet Bakery Near You

    At Treats Unleashed, we take pride in our one-of-a-kind dog bakery, where we craft delicious treats for your furry friends. Every day, we bake our treats from scratch, ensuring they are always fresh and full of flavor. Each home-made treat starts with high quality, natural ingredients carefully selected to promote your pup’s health and well-being.

    We understand dogs have different dietary requirements based on size, age, breed and any health issues they may have. To ensure your dog gets the best treats for their specific needs, we offer a wide range of treats to suit various needs: from grain-free goodies to limited-ingredient treats for our friends with sensitive stomachs, we are dedicated to providing the best snacks possible for your pup!

    Planning a party for your dog or cat? Our bakers are happy to take custom orders for treats that your furry friend and all of their BFFs will enjoy too!

    We care about your pets as if they were our own, which is why we are so committed to providing the best nutrition possible with every treat we make in our dog bakery. When you choose Treats Unleashed, you can trust your four-legged friend will be treated to freshly baked snacks that are equal parts healthy and delicious.


    A Dog and Cat Bakery

    Treats Unleashed’s bakery caters to both dogs and cats!  We offer a wide selection of healthy, delicious treats so every pet finds something to wag their tail or purr about. Whether you need training treats, a birthday bone, or just want to bring your furry friend a surprise on your way home from work, you can find something special at Treats Unleashed.


    As the seasons shift, so do our decorated treats—from summertime grill-themed goodies to festive holiday treats, each item is thoughtfully crafted so your pets can join in on your celebrations. Our talented bakers work hard to maintain the highest quality for all of our treats, using all natural ingredients, ensuring your pet enjoys the flavor without the preservatives.


    Our bakery is the go-to destination for pets and pet parents looking for wholesome, flavorful treats made with love.

    Homemade Dog Treats

    At Treats Unleashed, we go the extra mile for your pet’s health and happiness by using only human-grade ingredients in our homemade pet treats. We believe our pets deserve the same level of quality and care as we do, so we source premium, natural ingredients that meet the standards set for human food.

    By only using human-grade ingredients, we guarantee our homemade pet treats are free from artificial additives, preservatives and fillers, offering your pet a safe and nutritious snack option. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients guarantees each treat is packed with wholesome goodness and delicious flavors your pet will love.

    When you choose Treats Unleashed, you can trust you are providing your pets with the tastiest, healthiest treats available.

    Pick-Up or Delivery Available

    The Treats Unleashed team makes it easy for you to give your pet delicious, healthy treats with convenient pickup and delivery services! In-store and curbside pickup orders are packed and ready for you within 4 hours for your convenience. Can’t make it to your local store? Let us deliver it straight to your door, same-day, seven days a week. This way, your furry friend never has to go without their favorite treats.

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