West Paw Bumi Toy


Bumi® is built for tug-o-war standoffs and far-flung fetch sessions.



Built for dogs who love to play tug-o-war, Būmi® is a recyclable Zogoflex dog toy designed for interactive play. The perfect stretch toy for dogs and humans or dogs and dogs. Made with buoyant Zogoflex material that’s stronger than a rope, Būmi is guranteed to go the distance.

Like all Zogoflex toys, Būmi is latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant and dishwasher safe. Play Safe and Play Smart! This toy is built safe and tough but no toy is indestructible.Supervise use; return or recycle if damaged.

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West Paw


Aqua, Granny Smith



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