While dogs can’t speak our language, we can learn to speak theirs. Treats Unleashed training classes
are about more than just teaching your pet general commands. You’ll learn how to communicate
with your pet, be their trusted leader & prepare for life-long success in real-world environments.

Available in St. Louis only.

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Puppy Class 6 week class | Ages 14 Weeks-5 months | 45 min sessions | $199.00

Form a strong, long-lasting bond with your new puppy by building on your communication skills. Through the Reinforcing Method, we start the foundation of name recognition, leash conditioning, sit, down & crate training. You’ll also build on socialization skills & learn how to successfully ignore unwanted behaviors. You’ll be amazed at how much your puppy wants to please you and your family! At the end of class, you and your puppy will be able to test for the S.T.A.R program of the AKC.

Beginning Obedience 6 week class | Ages 5 months+ | 60 min session | $199.00

Learning fundamental skills are important for your dog’s development. In this class, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your pet & they will learn to associate natural behaviors to a command. The skills that every dog should know are included in this class, such as name recognition, sit, down, wait, come, place/climb, leave it & cooperative walking. You’ll participate in fun exercises that engage your dog’s mind. It’s the beginning to a better life between you & your dog!

Intermediate Obedience 6 week class | Builds on Beginning Obedience | 60 min session | $199.00

This class is a continuation of your Beginning Obedience experience. We start with intensifying the skills they already know to improve distance and durations. You will work with your dog on the the skills of stay & come on a long line, leave it with greater distractions, and loose leash walking. This is a great class for any dog & owner pair that wants to strengthen their existing skillset.



FORCE FREE -  Strengthen your bond and work as a team through pleasant experiences and positive reinforcement.

REWARD BASED -  Your dog will repeat behaviors that are rewarded, but rewards don’t always have to be a treat. Learn how to effectively reward your dog for demonstrating desired behaviors.


Jeff has 10 years of experience in animal training & he is fully committed to helping you and your dog achieve your goals as a cohesive team. Jeff is certified under the Council of Professional Dog Trainers – Knowledge Assessed and a Fear Free Professional Animal Trainer. Contact Jeff with questions at [email protected].


Prior to your pet's class, all dogs must be up to date on the current vaccinations: bordetella, rabies, distemper and proof of vacinnation must be provided. Every pet parent that is accompanying the dog(s) in class must be at least 18 years old. Registration fees are non-refundable. Waivers must be signed prior to attending class. You can find a copy of the waiver here or recieve one in your first class.